'Prometheus': Pictures From On Set

By Adam Harrison · 67 saw this

Not content with just giving you all the viral ads, TV spots and an inordinate number of teaser trailer, we've also got the latest pictures from Entertainment Weekly — via Uproxx- which show the cast and director Ridley Scott on the set of Prometheus. Feast your eyes on the cast and crew in action below:

The landscape looks spectacular, and so do the cast in their spacesuits. It's definitely a step up from the huge suits Ripley & Co had to lug around in Alien. I'm getting hints of 2001: A Space Odyssey though the fishbowl like visors are something else entirely. It's also good to see that the corridors are sticking to the creepy Giger-esque biomechanical look of the Alien universe. There's not too much longer to wait for this one and these stills have whet my appetite for all things spacey. How about you? Still as excited about Prometheus as the day the project was announced?

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