Weekend Box Office Showdown: 'The Avengers' vs 'Dark Shadows'

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Since its domestic debut last weekend The Avengers has been smashing box office records left, right and center. Remember when we told you last week that it was the fastest movie ever to reach $100 million, $150 million and $200 million marks, that it had the highest Saturday and Sunday grosses and the highest average taking per theater... We didn't think there were any records left to break, well, we were wrong.

Box Office Mojo who have been keeping track of The Avengers put the film's second week earnings on

$103.2 million, which is by-far the best second weekend ever ahead of Avatar's $75.6 million. It also topped The Dark Knight for best second weekend hold for a movie that opened to more than $120 million. Other new records include fastest movie to $300 million and $350 million, and highest eight-day, nine-day, and ten-day grosses.

Highest eight, nine and ten-day grosses? Those aren't records; they made those up because they'd run out of things for the Hulk & Co. to smash!

In the interest of fairness we must say that last week also saw the release of a bunch of other films, not that anyone was watching, it seems, including Tim Burton's Dark Shadows which got its ass kicked by the superhero team's second week and crawled into second place with $28 million.

It seems that much like Tony Stark, The Avengers doesn't play well with others. Not content with stealing everyone else's records and breaking them, it also insisted on taking all this weeks theater-goers leaving none left for Johnny Depp. We'd tell them off if we didn't love them so damn much.

On a worldwide level — according to ComicBookMovie- the denizens of Earth repaid the team for saving them from certain doom with a total of:

$1,002,100,000 in less than three weeks of release

That my friends, is a lot of money, and it doesn't even stop there. You see the love that people have for the film has been measured on something much more accurate than judging it on a mere monetary level. That's right, The Tomatometer. Certified fresh and with an audience rating of 96%, The Avengers isn't doing too badly at all with the critics either.

Now it's looking pretty clear that we'll have to do another one of these articles next week, someone's obviously going to invent a couple of new records for The Avengers to smash out of the park. Though I guess that'll be it, I can safely say that by then everyone will have seen it. It's not like you could watch it twice, now is it? Oh, you can. Nevermind then, article over, I'm off to watch The Avengers.

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