'The Dark Knight Rises' : Brand New Bane Image

By Sarah Gibsonon · 68 saw this

Is it just us, or has this new image of Bane from Nolan's highly anticipated third and final Batman movie got 'Halloween costume' written all over it?

(Via ComingSoon)

Bane's costume, as epic as it tries to be, is just a bit hard to swallow... (Sorry!) It's like the costume designer went mental at her local home improvement store, freaked out, and shoved everything from the shopping cart into Tom Hardy's mouth. And glued it there. No wonder he looks a bit riled!

Nevertheless, with little more than two weeks to go until the release of The Dark Knight Rises, we are more than pumped. Especially if the trailer is anything to go by. What's more, we're excited to see Hardy's mad interpretation of the muscular terrorist! Aren't you?

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