'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': Rufus Sewell Talks Sequel

By Adam Harrison · 61 saw this

We've not even had Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter yet, but so confident are the studio behind it that there are already talks about producing a sequel. Chief villain Rufus Sewell dropped some hints in an interview with ComicBookMovie at London based comic convention, Kapow.

In terms of the sequel, I mean, from what I've seen it looks really exciting. Until I've seen the entire film, I couldn't make a pronouncement on that. But I loved doing it. Dominic Cooper is an old friend of mine and we really enjoyed working with each other. Ben I liked very much.

It's nothing concrete, but it does suggest that there's a distinct possibility that we'll be seeing a second Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The film's director Timur Bekmambetov hasn't got any other projects and could be drafted in to direct another. Getting producer Tim Burton back for a second film might be a more difficult affair: he's currently working on Frankenweenie and is rumored to have other films like biopic __ and an animated __ film in the pipeline. Still, if the actors are that keen on each other and the film is as good as the hype suggests then we may well get to see them all together again for a second one soon.

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