See Shaq As A Cop With Awful Hair! New Pics On The Set Of 'Grown Ups 2'

By Jennie Breenon · 196 saw this

Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison Productions are currently filming Grown Ups 2, which could be the worst idea in the history of comedy... or maybe not? Wait! Stick with me on this one and check out the pics below of basketball behemoth Shaquille O'Neal sporting a Three-Stooges-esque do and wearing a (we can only imagine) comically oversized police uniform. (From ComingSoon Via Indiewire)

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider will all reprise their roles, as well as some hot young actors to bring some fresh blood to the cast.

Grown Ups 2 will hit theaters July 12, 2013.

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