'Machete Kills' Gets Gaga On Board

By Matt Carteron · 2k saw this

In what may be the strangest story of the day, we have some casting news regarding Robert Rodriguez's upcoming, B-movie inspired, blood, boobs and Mexicans flick Machete Kills.

Rodriguez took to twitter to announce that none other than Lady Gaga was involved in the project. Now, most of you are probably thinking that she is on-board to 'write the theme tune, sing the theme tune', but according to the photo posted alongside the tweet, Gaga will be taking on an acting role.

Check out the tweet below to see which sultry, femme fatale she will be playing!

Gaga is a bit of a left-field choice, but we have come to expect that from Rodriguez and she should fit right in with a cast that includes Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen—who's rumored to be playing the President of the USA.

The movie sees Machete (Danny Trejo), recruited by the US government to battle his way through Mexico, in order to stop an arms dealer who plans to launch a weapon into space.

It sounds like it could be as bat-shit-mental as the first movie. Who can forget a sword wielding Steven Seagal and a drug-taking, gun-toting nun played by Lindsay Lohan. Let the madness commence!

Machete Kills will be creating carnage when it opens sometime in 2013.

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