Mark Strong to be Lex Luthor in 'Superman vs Batman'?

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When Zack Snyder gears up to make the hotly anticipated blockbuster crossover, Batman vs. Superman, you best believe the plum roles are gonna be fought over, nail and cape. The newest - and personally, the best - rumor for the role of Lex Luthor is full-on Lex Luthor lookylikey Mark Strong! I mean, look at that picture, man! That could just be a drawing of Mark Strong. Maybe that's what it is; Mark Strong was just strolling along the sidewalk in a real touristy area, and he decided to get a 10-minute portrait done by some guy hawking caricatures. Is it wrong that the resultant cartoon is a If you like the juiceheads. If you're the sort of kid who thought Belle should have just gone with Gaston.

Also in the running for the part are equally manly-and-chisel-jawed Josh Brolin plus the more pretty Ryan Gosling and positively foppish Matthew Goode. A little birdy called the internetz also told me that Breaking Bad's lovable, hardass baldy kingpin, Bryan Cranston also could be in the running. Come on, Snyder, let's get the Batman vs Superman ball rolling, shall we?

With thanks to the exclusive source for this tip at Digital Spy.

Also, wanna see Zack Snyder roundly mock the idea of Batman beating Superman in a Batman vs Superman fight? Sure you do.

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