Disney holds on to Star Wars: Episode VII gossip at D23

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Anyone attending Disney's D23 fan expo over the weekend probably banked on some exciting Star Wars: Episode VII news. But rather than revealing if there's any substance to the rumors surrounding Gosling and Efron, the troubling J.J. Abrams' speculation, or Chloe Grace Moretz's declaration that she wants to swing a lightsaber, Disney's Chairman Alan Horn revealed....nothing!

Check out these not-so-tantalizing Tweets:

No title or cast reveal, no story info?!

Horn reportedly reiterated that the movie is still set for a 2015 release (yawn!) and then said "I really wish I could tell you more. It will come soon". I get that it's still really early for them but, c'mon, I would have been fine with just a minor update. ANYTHING. Something weird is happening. Either they are pulling the secretive Abrams thing, or they really are having problems with production. What's your money on?

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