Looks like Batman might be getting a girlfriend...

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One of the best parts about big movies with iconic characters getting the green light is all the fun we can have speculating about potential characters, plot, and setting, which is a much better alternative to melting down, starting petitions, and boycotting a film, no? And perhaps the most overlooked sources of information are the casting calls each movie puts out in the search for the right actor or actress to fill a specific role.

Now, usually, these casting calls are left intentionally vague, and those responding to the general physical description are only then filled in on what role, exactly, they're auditioning for upon arrival. This is done for a few reasons: So those auditioning won't have any preconceived notions about the role and to keep fan backlash to a minimum.

So let's take a look at the casting breakdown that's been sourced out to agencies for Batman vs. Superman, shall we?

According to a report from Latino-Review, Warner Bros. is currently looking for a female actress in her late 20s. Ethnicity doesn't matter, but she must be good-looking (naturally), tall, and possess a natural physicality for the role.

So that being said, I can only think of two possible scenarios this might fit: One, they're choosing a love interest for our newly-minted Batman, and she needs to pair well with him: Ben Affleck stands at about 6'4" and when he bulks up for the role, he'll be even more imposing (Current Bat-favorite Christian Bale stands a pedestrian 6' by comparison), so any woman playing his love interest would need to hold her own, physically. Vicki Vale? Talia al Ghul? Or maybe even a reboot of Selina Kyle?

Two, the more intriguing possibility...could they be putting out feelers to cast our Wonder Woman (finally)? The description certainly fits what they'd need for our Amazonian princess. Wonder Woman is tall, physically strong, and needs to be able to kick ass. Any actress trying out for that role would have to bring a prepackaged level of physicality to the role. Combat moves can be taught, but the actress needs to be naturally athletic and used to being physical, or it won't work.

So what do you think? Granted, the casting description is not much to go on, but does it sound as if they're casting a love interest for Batman, or are they looking for Wonder Woman? Share your theories in the comments below, y'all.

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