The Joker in 50 pics

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The role for which the late Heath Ledger received a posthumous Academy Award, his much-lauded performance as classic Batman villain 'The Joker' in part two of Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy, The Dark Knight, has been the cause of much spilling of ink (or use of bytes) in the past few years since Ledger's tragic and untimely death. The terrifyingly psychopathic, amoral genius Ledger managed to portray flawlessly has been suggested by some as having a corrosive effect on the actor's psyche, who reportedly suffered from severe insomnia during and after the shooting for TDK. That debate, which on the other hand is a typical one concerning method actors, is however best reserved for some other place and time.

Instead, we have found a small treasure trove of on-set photos taken during principal photography of arguably the best installment in Nolan's trilogy, all of them focusing on the sinister, grinning figure of The Joker. Batman fans and cinephiles in general can now enjoy a privileged peek into the 'making of' of the 2008 blockbuster, with nothing less than 50 — yeah, fifty — set photos showcasing one of the most memorable supervillains in film history, thanks to The Chive:

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