'Wonder Woman' is all kinds of screwed

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It's been one disaster after another for the Wonder Woman project.

A small screen adaptation, filmed for NBC by David E. Kelley of Ally McBeal fame, was roundly mocked and never screened. In fact, the only way fans can see this DC turkey is through bootleg copies, either on the web or from a guy in a trenchcoat at your local Comic Con.

The CW also planned a Smallville-esque prequel show titled Amazon but this never materialized, possibly due to being usurped by The Flash.

Further embarrassment happened when Warner Bros. were shown up by the independent Rainfall Films, who made the following fan-short trailer for a potential Wonder Woman movie.

Pretty good for zero budget, right? That's certainly what many fans thought, criticizing Warner Bros. for dropping the ball and letting a bunch of enthusiastic comic-lovers get in on the action before the professionals gave it their all.

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara responded by saying that the company still had:

[H]uge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV...we need to get 'Wonder Woman' on the big screen or TV.

Hopefully with moves like Gina Torres's Wonder Woman campaign going, we'll hear something concrete soon. When will TV and movie studios learn that you can never have too much superhero action? Especially if it's superhero women kicking ass? Also, don't piss off graphic novel fans...the geeks shall inherit the Earth.

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