All of your Man of Steel Easter eggs in one place

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We all know this summer's Man of Steel was stuffed full of Easter eggs and allusions (Seriously, do the whales hint at Aquaman, or what), and fans of DC have had a fun time trying to spot them all.

But now, Twitter user @Alex_Cerrato has done the work for us, and pulled together a comprehensive list of all of the Easter eggs and hidden gems in MoS so far, even providing explanations for those not as well-versed in the Superman mythology.

Ready? Here we go.

Star Labs/Cyborg




Booster Gold/Blaze Comics


Utopia Casino/Tony Gallo


And last but not least, of course, the nod to Christopher Reeve

Personal favorite is the Watchmen smiley face symbol. Nice touch.

Let me know your favorite on Twitter.

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