James Cameron is 'building the ship to Pandora' for 'Avatar 2'

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Avatar fans were given an unexpected boost by star Sam Worthington when he unexpectedly revealed news of the forthcoming Avatar 2 on an Australian radio show.

Hosts Ryan Fitzgerald and Michael Wipfli couldn't believe their luck when Worthington opened up about the hotly anticipated project. The actor, who plays marine Jake Sully in the franchise, stated that Avatar 2 will begin filming October, 2014.

James Cameron is all about the long game at the moment, as Worthington noted that the director has completed the majority of the writing for Avatar 2, and is presently 'building the ship to Pandora'. It's not clear what Worthington meant by this, but Cameron is definitely involved in a lot of pre-production prep, and that once Avatar 2 begins shooting, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 will be completed within a year.

The releases of the movies will be staggered after completion, with Avatar 2 released 2016, followed by Avatar 3 (2017) and Avatar 4 (2018). Are you excited about the Avatar quadrilogy? Let's hope that standards are kept high and the movies don't go veering off into sloppy sequel mishaps.

Until then, who wants a ride in the Avatruck?

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