3 Days to Kill

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A secret agent must complete his final mission in the face of death, fatherhood and hallucinogenic drugs!

Kevin Costner stars as a Secret Service agent who discovers he has three days to live. Trying to re-connect with his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) in the little time he has left, is made much more complicated by the fact that he must still complete his final mission all the while battling the hallucinogenic effects of a bizarre drug he's taken to buy himself some time.

Director McG is no stranger to fast-paced, high-suspense thrills, having helmed the latest Charlie's Angels franchise, as well as producing action-packed series like Nikita and Supernatural. Screenwriter Luc Besson also has an impressive action resume, which includes The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, and The Transporter, as well as the hugely successful Taken franchise, featuring a similar action-hero-father-centered story.

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