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Russell Crowe takes on a role of biblical proportions!

Darren Aronofsky brings to screen his vision of the epic biblical story of Noah, who built the ark to escape an enormous flood, which served as punishment for the wickedness of the humans.

The film will star Russell Crowe as the titular lead, with Anthony Hopkins set to play Noah's 900-year-old grandfather Methusaleh. Plot details suggest quite a radical take on the traditional tale, with Kevin Durand playing a giant who assists Noah, and the appearance of the sons of Adam and Eve - Cain and Able played by Icelandic newcomers Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson and Arnar Dan respectively. Mark Margolis, who has starred in every feature-length film Aronofsky is credited for directing, will also play a character named Samyaza.

With a budget of $130 million and co-star support from Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, Noah looks poised to become a biblical blockbuster!

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