Peter and the Starcatchers


Peter Pan and Captain Hook: the early years!

Peter and the Starcatchers presents Peter Pan before he became the forever-young boy from Neverland. In the family-friendly adventure film he is just a fourteen year old orphan on his way to become a servant. On the ship Never Land, he makes the acquaintance of Molly Aster, who tells him about glowing magical 'starstuff', that should under no circumstances fall into the hands of the pirate Black Stache.

Peter and the Starcatchers is based on the eponymous book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, which is a sort-of prequel to J.M Barries beloved play Peter Pan. Barry and Pearson's book was also very fittingly made into a stage play, which earned several Tony award nominations.

The Hunger Games director Gary Ross is on board to helm the project.

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