A global war between man and machine orchestrated by Spielberg!

In the near future, robots and machines are part of everyday human life. When the sentient Artificial Intelligence dubbed Archos escapes confinement, it turns the machines against their masters. The motive: to protect life against humanity. A global war begins.

Robopocalypse is based on the eponymous novel by Daniel H. Wilson. The latter is written in a similar style to World War Z, narrating a futuristic war through the perspectives of many participating combatants. The film will be Steven Spielberg’s first foray into science fiction since (apart from those weird aliens in ). The director has indicated that Robopocalypse may be shot using IMAX technology either in 2D or 3D.

Robopocalypse was scheduled for a April 2014 release, but has been postponed indefinitely, due to script issues.

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