Welcome back to the Grid! The 3rd part of the visually spectacular series

The third part of the visually astounding franchise, which began 1982 with the cult film TRON, which told the story of how hacker Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) was abducted into a computer and had to participate in gladiatoral games. TRON: Legacy, the sequel, centered on his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund), searching for his missing father in the 'Grid.'

Director Joseph Kosinski, of TRON: Legacy and the upcoming Oblivion, is attached to the sequel, and Hedlund is officially gearing up to reprise his role of Sam.

With a massive budget of $170 million TRON: Legacy took in $400 million, and was considered only a minor succes. The critical reception was mixed, although the score by the electro band Daft Punk uniformly drew acclaim. Let's hope that if the sequel gets made, the French duo again will provide the music!

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