'Avengers: Endgame' Fan Theory Hints at Epic Battle Between Hulk and Thanos

Andrew Roberts
25 Dec 2018

The fourth Avengers film now has a title, a general plot, and a trailer. That means we can all start tearing apart Endgame before it hits theaters in April, making theories and determining the fate of the characters before we find out the truth.

One of the big points of interest is The Hulk and where he'll factor into the next film.

Infinity War


Infinity War didn't give Hulk much to smash because he ended up getting smacked around himself to kick off the film. Thanos just overpowered the green guy, without help from the Infinity Gauntlet. He just whooped him.

Then for the rest of the movie, Hulk was a bit too shy to come out.

Looking For Redemption

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So for Avengers: Endgame, it is safe to say that Hulk might be looking for redemption. A rematch. It's almost a given that we'll see The Hulk return and play a big part in the fourth film. It represents the final piece of the characters current arc in the films and it is meant to be the chapter of the MCU that changes everything going forward.

These fan theories present just that, with both teasing an epic showdown with Thanos.

A Fan Theory


The first comes from YouTube user Webhead -- real name Ryan Walsh. For him, he sees the savage Hulk returning and becoming the "world breaker" that we first met in the pages of World War Hulk. In that book, the Hulk is pissed because the Marvel heroes sent him away to the planet that inspired Thor: Ragnarok and ended up killing his lover after finally achieving some sort of peace.

This Hulk is the strongest ever seen and would be perfect for Avengers: Endgame. And Walsh thinks it is a perfect opportunity for Hulk to team with the new Thor and his Stormbreaker hammer.

Another Theory


But there is another theory out there that plays into the rumored time travel we'll see in Avengers: Endgame. This is from a reported leak on Reddit and introduces another version of Hulk from the comics: Professor Hulk. Or just call him Smart Hulk.

Not only would that mean Banner's brain can now control the Hulk's body, but he also might get his hands on an Infinity Gauntlet:

"Finally the last thing I was told is that the Hulk has a bit of an arc in Avengers 4 and that he is the one to wield the Stark Gauntlet against Thanos.

"But he ends up losing his arm in the process, not sure how."

Rematch Time

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This fight would be epic and fitting for a film that is likely to hit three-hours running time. It also explains why Thanos is involved at all. If he's seeing stones disappearing from his gauntlet or sees his work being undone, he's going to be upset.

That means he's going to have to step in for the fight, with Hulk and the other Avengers waiting for him.

All of this is just theory, but it is certainly fun to think about.

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