As continues to unpack the vault in the form of live-action reboots of animated classics, Aladdin is already confirmed to be a part of this whole new world. Guy Ritchie has officially signed on to direct and promises an "energized" and "explosive" musical extravaganza.

The original holds a special place in the hearts of many millennials — and not only because it's the biggest Disney movie to feature the late, great Robin Williams. Let's hope that the new version manages to pay homage to Williams and the legacy of the original! But if the latest Disney live-action reboot, , is any indication, it looks like it's going to be shining, shimmering and splendid.

'Aladdin' Trailer

There's no trailer yet for the live-action Aladdin, but you should definitely re-watch the song below, since you know it'll be stuck in your head all day anyway. ;)

'Aladdin' Release Date: When Is It Out?

Aladdin release date: TBA

'Aladdin' Plot: What's It About?

If you're not familiar with the plot of Aladdin, you should go find a copy — preferably on VHS — and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. But if you don't have time, or a VCR, then here's a little breakdown for you:

'Aladdin' [Credit: Disney]
'Aladdin' [Credit: Disney]

Aladdin is a parentless, penniless street rat living in the city of Agrabah. One day, he spies a beautiful girl at the market place, but it turns out she's the Princess Jasmine in disguise! When Aladdin suddenly stumbles upon a magic lamp containing a larger-than-life genie, he asks the genie to make him a prince so that he can hope to be worthy of the girl he loves.

Naturally, there is a wicked, power-grubbing sorcerer that wants to marry the princess himself in order to gain power, even though he's old and gross. Aladdin and his friends — Abu the monkey, an enchanted flying carpet, and of course, the Genie — are the only hope to stop Jafar and save Jasmine and the city of Agrabah.

'Aladdin' Confirmed Cast & Characters: Who's In It?

'Aladdin' [Credit: Disney]
'Aladdin' [Credit: Disney]

We haven't heard any news on casting, but the live-action reboot should include all our favorite characters from the original: Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Abu, Rajah, Magic Carpet, the Sultan, and of course, Jafar and Iago.

Where To Watch 'Aladdin' Online

It's going to be quite some time before you can find the live-action Aladdin online, but in the meantime, you can re-watch the 1992 cartoon on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or YouTube Movies.

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Disney's on a roll with rebooting it's animated classics into live-action blockbusters. Aladdin is just one among many.