Justice League Dark is an upcoming film in the DCEU, and will be a massive departure from most typical superhero films. Based off the popular comic book series of the same name, Justice League Dark will follow a team of characters who specialize in the mystic arts.

A Justice League Dark film has been rumored for a long time, but a while ago, it was officially announced as a part of the DCEU slate of films. News is still relatively thin on the ground, but here's what we know so far.

'Justice League Dark' Cast and Crew

Justice League Dark Vol 1 #24. [Credit: DC Comics]
Justice League Dark Vol 1 #24. [Credit: DC Comics]

Whilst we're still waiting on casting news, we have found out a few key details about who'll be calling the shots behind the camera. It's been confirmed that Doug Liman has left the project and will not be directing Justice League Dark, but Warner Bros. is looking at IT director Andy Muschietti to helm the film:

Despite not having a director attached, Guillermo del Toro & Scott Rudin will produce Justice League Dark, and Michael Gilio will pen the script.

'Justice League Dark' Characters

Justice League Dark [Credit: DC Comics]
Justice League Dark [Credit: DC Comics]

No actors have been cast in the upcoming Justice League Dark, but we do have a list of the characters that are rumored to be featured in the film:

  • Constantine: John Constantine is the most well-known character of the Justice League Dark team, having already had his own movie in 2005, and an eponymously titled TV show on NBC. Constantine has also appeared on The CW’s Arrow, and is officially part of the Arrowverse (although he hasn’t been featured in 2 seasons). John Constantine is a self-proclaimed “Master of the Dark Arts”, and is one of the most proficient magic users in DC Comics. He is a very crass character, and has the tendency to screw over his friends and co-worked. He is not a hero in the conventional sense, but he always seems to come through when the world needs him the most.
  • Swamp Thing: Swamp Thing is a force of nature in DC Comics, and for ‘90s kids, he is a much darker version of Captain Planet. Known as the supernatural force The Green, Swamp Thing takes a human host and protects the environment from those who wish it harm. Dr. Alec Holland is the most famous human host of Swamp Thing, and has been the Bruce Banner to Swamp Thing’s Hulk since the characters’ inception.
  • Madame Xanadu: Madame Xanadu is one of the most powerful psychics in the DC universe, and seems to be at the heart of every major conflict the Justice League must face. She operates mostly as an oracle, and several characters including Batman have sought her assistance to defeat global threats. She was born to the name Nimue Inwudu, and was a member of a highly evolved group of beings named the Homo Magai. Xanadu is the sister of Morgan Le Fey, and the former lover of the most famous wizard of all time, Merlin.
  • Deadman: Deadman was once the famous trapeze artist Boston Brand, but was involved in a terrible accident which gave him unique spectral abilities (such as possessing human bodies, and phasing through solid objects). Most humans cannot see Deadman, but he appears to magic users, and is usually the comic relief of the Justice League Dark team.
  • Zatanna: Zatanna Zatara is probably the most popular Justice League Dark character from the comics, and has appeared on the live-action show Smallville, as well as the critically acclaimed cartoon Young Justice. Zatanna is a very powerful magician whose true limits are unknown. She once had a romantic relationship with Constantine, which was featured in the Justice League Dark animated film.
  • Etrigan the Demon: Jason Blood was bonded to the super powerful demon Etrigan by Merlin centuries ago. Unlike Swamp Thing, Jason Blood can summon Etrigan at will, but once he is summoned, Blood is not in full control of his body.

Etrigan is also known as “the rhyming demon”, because every line he speaks must rhyme to the last. Etrigan is nearly indestructible, and Jason Blood usually only summons him as a last resort – much like Marvel’s the Incredible Hulk. To summon Etrigan, Jason Blood uses this incantation:

"Change! Change! O' form of man! Free the prince forever damned! Free the might from fleshy mire! Boil the blood in the heart for fire! Gone! Gone! O' form of man Rise the demon Etrigan!!"

There was an early draft of a Justice League Dark script written by Guillermo del Toro, entitled Heaven Sent, which also featured additional characters, such as:

  • Phantom Stranger
  • The Spectre
  • Sargon the Sorcerer

Justice League Dark Animated Movie

The Justice League Dark animated film was released earlier this year to overwhelming fan approval, and has brought more eyes to one of DC Comics's more niche properties. The film showcased such characters as: Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, and Ertrigan the Demon – similar to the line-up rumored for the DCEU film.

The animated Justice League Dark served to showcase how the DCEU could use the characters, and still be faithful to the source material.