This is the era of historical dramas on TV, and the History Channel is quite aware of it as it brings to the screens yet another period drama in Knightfall. After the enormous success of Vikings, History Channel and executive producer Jeremy Renner (yeah, that's right! Hawkeye himself) tell the story of the mysterious Knights Templar in the upcoming series Knightfall.

Production for the series started back in June 2016, but it suffered a delay and a setback when the studio where it was being filmed in Dubrovnik burned down. The filming for Knightfall carried on, though, and wrapped up last December — and there's much we're yet to find out about this new epic drama premiering in 2017.

Here's a brief guide to everything you might wanna know about Knightfall — from rumors, to trailers and the premiere date. This post will be continuously updated as more information is revealed about the show, so you may want to bookmark this page.

'Knightfall' Premiere Date

'Knightfall' [Credit: SpoilerTV]
'Knightfall' [Credit: SpoilerTV]

So far, History Channel hasn't divulged a premiere date for Knightfall. There's speculation that, because of the Templars' fateful history with Friday 13th, that the premiere should happen on one — which will be in October, 2017. Coincidentally enough, the ultimate downfall of the Knights Templar began on Friday, October 13.

'Knightfall' Trailer

History Channel has released a minor TV teaser of just seconds about Knightfall. Talk about teasing fans! According to this video, "for 200 years the Knights Templars were the most elite warriors fighting the crusades in the Holy Land," but eventually the Holy Grail would destroy them all.

There has also been an "In Production' trailer released, featuring mostly scenes from the first episode and the Siege of Acre — and the Templars' consequent lost of control over the Holy Land.

'Knightfall' Plot & Spoilers

According to, Knightfall will kick off 200 years after the establishment of the Knights Templar. It takes place after the fall of Jerusalem and the Siege of Acre — which is to be the opening scene. Knightfall's focus will be in the relationship between the Templars and King Phillip IV of France, who put an end to the Templar Order by imprisoning the Order's Grand Master and many knights on a Friday 13th, in 1307.

'Knightfall' Cast

  • Tom Cullen as Landry
  • Simon Merrells as Tancrede
  • Bobby Schofield as Parsival
  • Sabrina Barlett as Princess Isabella

'Knightfall' Characters

Tom Cullen as Landry 'Knightfall' [Credit: History]
Tom Cullen as Landry 'Knightfall' [Credit: History]

Here's what we know about the characters of Knightfall so far, thanks to Deadline:

  • Landry: a veteran Crusader who leads the Templars in search of the Holy Grail, the Order's most valuable relic. His spirit crushed by the fall of the Holy Land, Landry finds new hope in the light of fresh information on the Grail's whereabouts.
  • King Phillip IV of France: As far as history goes, King Phillip helped the church by assisting on several charges of fraud against the Templars. Unofficially, it's said the king was too indebted with the Templars, and that he took this opportunity to put an end to their power — hence, getting rid of his debts.
  • Tancrede: a fiercely loyal Templar veteran.
  • Parsival: an ordinary young man, who joins the Order in seek of revenge, but eventually finds his 'higher purpose.'