The second season of was undoubtedly a thrill ride of time-traveling proportions. After the show received a mixed reception during Season 1, its second outing won a lot of people over — it was the colorful, fun and exciting adventure we craved from these unique band of .

As we will likely get a lot of information regarding the show's third season, here's a guide to keep you up to date on all your Legendary needs.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Premiere Date

Now that The CW has officially released its fall schedule, we know that Legends Of Tomorrow will remain by The Flash's side, airing on on Tuesday nights at 9/8c. Be sure to check back here to find out the premiere date when it's released.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Trailer

The first trailer for Legends Of Tomorrow's third season was released at Comic-Con and it looks like it's going to pick up exactly where Season 2 left off. With a special appearance by Billy Zane, it appears that Legends is going to get more crazy than ever.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Plot

With the shocking conclusion to Season 2, in which we saw dinosaurs in Los Angeles, the Legends will find themselves in the crosshairs of the Time Bureau — Rip Hunter's new faction, who don't take too kindly to the team's methods. Check out the official Season 3 synopsis below:

After the defeat of Eobard Thawne and his equally nefarious Legion of Doom, the Legends face a new threat created by their actions at the end of last season. In revisiting a moment in time that they had already participated in, they have essentially fractured the timeline and created anachronisms – a scattering of people, animals, and objects all across time! Our team must find a way to return all the anachronisms to their original timelines before the time stream falls apart.

But before our Legends can jump back into action, Rip Hunter and his newly established Time Bureau call their methods into question. With the Time Bureau effectively the new sheriffs in town, the Legends disband – until Mick Rory discovers one of them in the middle of his well-deserved vacation in Aruba. Seeing this as an opportunity to continue their time traveling heroics, Sara wastes no time in getting the Legends back together. We reunite with billionaire inventor Ray Palmer, the unconventional historian-turned-superhero Nate Heywood, and Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, who together form the meta-human Firestorm.

Once reunited, the Legends will challenge the Time Bureau’s authority over the timeline and insist that however messy their methods may be, some problems are beyond the Bureau’s capabilities. Some problems can only be fixed by Legends.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Cast & Characters

— Caity Lotz / Sara Lance: Lotz portrayed the badass assassin on Arrow before the character was subsequently killed and resurrected. In Rip Hunter's absence, White Canary became the Waverider's new captain and helped the Legends defeat the Legion of Doom.

— Victor Garber / Martin Stein: A film legend, Garber portrayed Stein on The Flash — the genius professor who becomes one half of metahuman Firestorm. After defeating Savage in Season 1, Stein was convinced to return by his other half, Jefferson.

Brandon Routh / Ray Palmer: Routh played Superman in 2006's Superman Returns before joining Arrow in 2014 as Ray Palmer/the Atom. A scientist, inventor and businessman, he developed a power-suit that is capable of shrinking, and it really comes in handy for the team, especially for sneaking into places or shrinking threats.

— Arthur Darvill / Rip Hunter: Having appeared on Doctor Who, Darvill is no stranger to time travel. As Rip Hunter, he leads the Legends through time, warning them of the dangers of disrupting the timeline. In Season 2, he went rogue after being manipulated by the Legion, but he was ultimately saved by his team. Seeing how great Sara was as a captain, he departed the Waverider. But he will return for another adventure in Season 3.

The 'Legends of Tomorrow' Cast. [Credit: The CW]
The 'Legends of Tomorrow' Cast. [Credit: The CW]

— Franz Drameh / Jefferson "Jax" Jackson: Replacing the fallen Ronnie Raymond as the other half of Firestorm, Jax was drugged by Professor Stein and taken aboard the Waverider. Ironically, it was he who then convinced Stein to return for a second outing.

— Dominic Purcell / Mick Rory: Best known his role as Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break, Purcell excels as career criminal Heat Wave. Originally set against saving the world, Rory eventually grew fond of his teammates. Although he lost his best friend (Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold), he rejoined the Legends for a second outing. In Season 2, Mick stepped up, becoming one of the strongest characters on the show.

— Amy Pemberton / Gideon: Everyone's favorite artificial intelligence system, Gideon guides the team on the Waverider through history and is always on hand to help.

— Nick Zano / Nathaniel Heywood: Zano was one of Season 2's new additions, portraying Nate Heywood, a historian who discovered that the Legends were in trouble. He also happens to be the grandson of JSA member Commander Steel. After joining the Legends, he became the superhero Citizen Steel.

— Maisie Richardson-Sellers / Vixen: Richardson-Seller portrays Amaya Jiwe, who can channel the abilities of animal kingdom thanks to the mysterious Tantu Totem. She is also the grandmother of the Vixen Mari McCabe, who appeared on Arrow. Despite knowing it could alter her future, Amaya decided to stick around for Season 3.

— Tala Ashe / Zari Adrianna Tomaz: A newcomer to the show, Ashe will portray Zari; a "grey hat hacktivist" from the year 2030. But she has yet to realize that she possesses special powers derived from an ancient, mystical source.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 3 Theories

As with most shows, there is a sense of mystery surrounding the upcoming season. But that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about what we will see next. Most of the theories revolve around the new timeline, Rip's return and the identity of the new superheroes who will join the Legends.

Watch 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Online

It won't be possible to watch Season 3 of Legends Of Tomorrow anywhere until after it airs on The CW. However, if you live in the U.S., the first two seasons are available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Video. For U.K. customers, Seasons 1 and 2 are available on iTunes and Talk Talk's TV store.