Period dramas take the viewers on a journey back in time, using a memorable moment or historical figure as a background. Usually centering on a particular character or event, these shows and films offer an insight into long gone historic moments and people who helped shape or influence today's world.

The farther back a period drama travels, the more complicated it becomes to separate what really happened from any poetic licenses the authors may use — and that's one of the reasons period dramas have become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you're looking for your fill of Renaissance or the royal affairs of European monarchs, here are some of the currently airing and upcoming period drama series we at Movie Pilot highly recommend:

  • Vikings: Following the exploration and conquers of the Norse king Ragnar Lothbrok, takes you on a journey through the medieval times when war, love and power was all that mattered.
  • Outlander: Venturing a bit into sci-fi territory, follows a WWII nurse, Claire Beuchamp, as she falls 200 years through time and starts life anew in the Highlands of Scotland in the 18th century.
  • Knightfall: This upcoming History Channel series, promises many adventures and power struggles in the lives of 14th century Knights Templar. is currently in post-production, set to premiere in the fall of 2017.
  • Frontier: Jason Momoa stars in this period drama as the rebellious and tenacious Declan Harp, a fur-trader who fights against the monopoly of the Hudson Bay Company in North America. 's second season is currently in production, but the first is fully available on Netflix.

If period dramas are your thing, be sure to check out some other history-based TV series which may have concluded, but are still top notch.