You've read a headline informing you that this is the ultimate guide for Rick and Morty Season 3. Well, you know what? That headline didn't lie. In fact, it's so good I could make you pay 25 schmeckles to read it. But I won't because I'm in a generous mood.

So without boring you any longer, dive through the Movie Pilot portal into the zany, burp-fuelled, profanity-dropping, universe-hopping world of Rick and Morty below.

'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Trailer

Well, that caught everyone slightly off guard; in a devious joke that was typical of the cunning deception of creators, the first episode of Season 3 was released, in its entirety on April Fools' Day, even before an official Rick and Morty Season 3 trailer.

Although we don't have a trailer to show, here's something even better — a clip from the opening episode. Warning: It's a tearjerker.

'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Air Date

The uncertainty of the Season 3 air date is enough to cause a split in time. The premiere date has been teased numerous times, shifting back further and further... and further. It was originally rumored to premiere at the end of 2016, but that time has been and gone.

However, the recent release of the opening Rick and Morty Season 3 suggests that are getting closer and closer, with the rest of the season expected to arrive at some point this summer. Perfection takes time, after all.

'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Plot

The Rick and Morty Season 3 plot will carry on from the climax of Season 2 saw the Galactic Federation finally catch up with Rick Sanchez by hiding undercover. During her wedding to Birdperson, Tammy reveals herself as an agent, and claims Rick, Birdperson and Squanchy are terrorists of the organization.

The structure of the plot will change, too. As well as additional episodes (Season 3 will have 14 in total), certain narratives will run through the season, a change from the earlier two seasons where each episode was standalone (with occasionally, loose-fitting callbacks).

'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Cast & Characters

'Rick and Morty' has a huge host of characters [Credit: Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty' has a huge host of characters [Credit: Adult Swim]

The Rick and Morty Season 3 cast & characters will be much the same as previous seasons, with one or two intergalactic additions. Check out the list below:

  • Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland): He's the uhhhh... the guy who... *buuuurrppps* his way through most sentences. He's an alcoholic genius who travels through dimensions for the thrill and uses his intelligence for questionable uses. Oh, and he drags his nephew Morty along for the thrill.
  • Morty Smith (Justin Roiland): Despite the close relation, Morty is almost the complete opposite of his grandfather; unassured, anxious and constantly questioning his place in the universe, the 14-year-old of Earth C-137 dimension is makes an unlikely partner for Rick.
  • Beth Smith (Sarah Chalke): She's Rick's daughter, whose unconditional love for him sometimes causes her to turn a blind-eye to his antics. Her story arc generally follows her dissatisfaction with her husband, Jerry, and a general malaise at how her life turned out.
  • Jerry Smith (Chris Parnell): Ah, Jerry. He's generally inept, unemployed and harbors resentment toward Rick. The feeling is also mutual. He's always seen as incompetent and often a the cause of problems. In a nutshell, he's an idiot, but at least he finally got a job by the end of Season 2.
  • Summer Smith (Spencer Grammer): A typical teen in many ways, Summer is often caught complaining about trivial things in the show, relating to high school and other such Earth-based matters. She does also occasionally join Rick and Morty in their misadventures, with mixed results.
  • Mr. Poopy Butthole: A long time family friend, Mr. Poopy Butthole has been involved in Rick and Morty's travels right from the pilot all the way to the very end. Often there to be relied upon, he's the glue who manages to hold the dysfunctional family together.
  • Mr. Meeseeks: I'M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT MEEEE!!! Roiland has promised he'll try and get the not-so-transient wish-fulfillers to return again. Mr Meeseek, can you make Season 3 hurry up, please?

'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Theories

The 'Rick and Morty' theories are infinite [Credit: Adult Swim]
The 'Rick and Morty' theories are infinite [Credit: Adult Swim]

Due to the vast nature of the animated world to explore, there are a huge amount of interesting Rick and Morty theories. Below is a mixture of retrospective looks back to previous episodes, and speculation on the upcoming Season 3. These include:

  • Rick is actually Morty from another dimension.
  • Morty is a parallel Morty from another universe.
  • Rick and Morty share a universe with Gravity Falls.
  • Rick is aware he's in a TV show.
  • The show could be hiding a big secret.

If you're really bored, you can read in-depth breakdown of why and how Mr. Poopybutthole actually told Rick a horrifying truth, that could change the future of the show, but probably won't.

There's also a theory that none of the above theories are correct.

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Where To Watch 'Rick and Morty' Online

So, you've read through everything anticipated for Season 3, and you're raring for some more. Well, whether you want to watch the full episodes again, or you haven't fully caught up to speed, you can watch Rick and Morty online on Hulu or Netflix in the US, or Inter-dimensional Cable (depending on what universe you're in, obviously).