With Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's set to rival Game of Thrones and Westworld in terms of fantastical content, otherworldly hype and convoluted narratives, it's pretty important to get your who's-who down in order to keep up. Below you'll find a comprehensive guide to all the American Gods cast and characters you need to know, organized from humans to the Old Gods and the new.

'American Gods' Cast And Character Guide: Who's in it?

'American Gods': The Humans

  • Shadow Moon: After spending three years in jail, Shadow is released to a considerably different world; a world in which magic is real and Gods walk among men. Hired as a (reluctant) body guard to Mr. Wednesday — a man who seems to know Shadow better than Shadow knows himself — the pair venture across America, blowing Shadow's mind in the process.
  • Played by: Ricky Whittle (The 100)

  • Laura Moon: Only a few pages into the novel, you learn that Laura Moon a.k.a Shadow's wife, died in a tragic car accident — yet she remains a familiar character throughout American Gods thanks to love, memory and a mysterious gold coin.
  • Played by: Emily Browning (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

  • Robbie: Shadow's best friend — and thanks to his actions, also his worst enemy. Robbie — or something of Robbie's, rather — was directly involved in the death of Shadow's wife, Laura.
  • Played by: Dane Cook (Mr. Brooks)

  • Audrey: Audrey was married to Robbie and was Laura's best friends. She's responsible for Shadow and Laura getting together.
  • Played by: Betty Gilpin

  • Salim: A young muslim man who moved to New York a week ago to (unsuccessfully) peddle a briefcase of trinkets. He is tricked by the Jinn.
  • Played by: Omid Abtahi (Damien)

'American Gods': The Old Gods

  • Mr. Wednesday: Described by Shadow as a "two-bit con artist," Mr. Wednesday is a charismatic, perverse, wise and mysterious soul with grand plans of uniting the Old Gods in a battle against the new — characteristics you'd expect from Odin, the Norse God of knowledge and power.
  • Played by: Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, Deadwood)

  • Mad Sweeney: Mad Sweeney is a leprechaun who lost his luck, and spends a great deal of time complaining about that fact. He's unbelievably tall — like, at least 7ft — has bright red hair and loves a good fight, which is handy as it goes with the territory when working for Mr. Wedsneday.
  • Played by: Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black)

  • Bilquis: Bilquis (a.k.a Queen of Sheba) is an enticing woman suspected of being half human, half jinn (demon). In American Gods her character works as a prostitute and literally devours men whole via her vagina.
  • Played by: Yetide Badaki (Masters of Sex)

  • Czernobog: Based on Slavic mythology, Czernobog is a "black god" — the god of darkness — causing all the world's misery. His twin brother, Bielebog, is the god of light. There is confusion, or debate, over whether these brothers are in fact the same person.
  • Played by: Peter Stormare (22 Jump Street)

  • Zorya Vechernyaya: The three Zorya sisters also hail from Slavic mythology and represent different stages of the star; their primary task is to guard the doomsday hound, Simargl, who's chained to the Little Bear constellation. Should that chain ever break, the hound will devour the world. Vechernyaya is the "Evening star," and the oldest.
  • Played by: Cloris Leachman (The Croods)

  • Mr. Nancy: Also known as Anansi, Mr. Nancy is a trickster spider-man who hails from African folklore. Often patronizing, he mostly likes to make fun of people's — or Shadow's — stupidity.
  • Played by: Orlando Jones (MADtv)

  • Mr Ibis: Also known as Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of knowledge and writing, which comes in handy when writing up short bios for those who brought folklore to America. He runs a funeral parlor in Illinois with Mr. Jacquel (below).
  • Played by: Demore Barnes (Hannibal)

  • Easter: This buxom goddess also goes by the names Ēostre and Ostara and is one of the Old Gods who teams up with Mr. Wednesday in the battle against the new. She also knows how to throw a splendid picnic, and is still fairly relevant thanks to Jesus and bunnies.
  • Played by: Kristin Chenoweth (Ugly Betty)

  • Low Key Lyesmith: Shadow's prison cellmate, Low Key Lyesmith, is in fact Loki, the Norse God of mischief and trickery.
  • Played by: Jonathan Tucker (Justified)

  • Mr Jacquel: An incarnation of Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, you first meet Mr. Jacquel as a long-muzzled black dog. He runs the the funeral parlor with fellow American Gods character, Mr. Imbiss (above).
  • Played by: Chris Obi (Ghost in the Shell)

  • The Jinn: A mythical creature with eyes of burning fire. He hails from the Middle East and, with the onset of war, contemplates fleeing America.
  • Played by: Mousa Kraish

'American Gods': The New Gods

  • Technical Boy: Technical Boy represents the internet and is described as an acne-riddled fatty. One would assume, considering American Gods was penned in 2001, his character will be the most developed within this adaptation.
  • Played by: Bruce Langley

  • Media: Simply put, Media is the personification of television and she appears in many forms throughout the saga — as the titular Lucy in I Love Lucy, as Diane from Cheers, and as a TV newscaster who winks at Shadow from within the set.
  • Played by: Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, The Fall)

  • Mr World: Mr. World is the leader of the New Gods, but pay close attention here for not all is as it seems — this devious deity is also Low Key Lyesmith, the Old God of trickery.
  • Played by: Crispin Glover (Alice in Wonderland, Back to the Future, Charlie's Angels)

'American Gods' New Characters (Not In The Book):

  • Jesus (official description): "A particularly recognizable Jesus, from a multiplicity of Jesuses, this Christ has always enjoyed sharing his most holy day of resurrection with Ostara's feast day, Easter, and its fitting theme of rebirth." In other words, expect to see this guy during Easter's picnic scene.
  • Played by: Jeremy Davies (Lost)

  • Vulcan: An old pal of Wednesday's, Vulcan is the old god of weaponry and fire, and has done pretty well for himself living in America's new gun-obsessed world. However, because of his cushty lifestyle, he's not so keen on joining the other old gods on their mission.
  • Played by: Corbin Bernsen (The West Wing)