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'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Season 3 Cast & Characters: Who Is In It?

Rebecca Bunch - Rachel Bloom

The 30-year-old Rachel Bloom is a tour de force on the set of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Not only does she star in the show as the anxiety-addled Rebecca Bunch, but she writes music and executive produces the whole shebang.

Josh Chan - Vincent Rodriguez III

Vincent Rodriguez III is a 34-year-old California native who spent a decade pounding the pavement in NYC before landing the romantic lead on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Paula Proctor - Donna Lynne Champlin

When Champlin first saw the script for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she was amazed to find a character so much like her in real life. From her perfect comedic delivery to her stellar and versatile vocal chords, she's Paula through and through.

Darryl Whitefeather - Pete Gardner

Heather Davis - Vella Lovell

Vella Lovell might be even cooler IRL than her on-screen counterpart, Heather Davis. Lovell graduated from NYU and Juilliard, and has tried her hand at everything from Shakespeare in the Park to College Humor sketches before landing her role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Valencia Perez - Gabrielle Ruiz

Gabrielle Ruiz spent most of her career on Broadway before landing the role of Valencia. She might fool you into thinking she's a yoga pro like her on-screen counterpart, but really, her background is in dance.

Nathaniel Plimpton III - Scott Michael Foster

Scott Michael Foster may have joined the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast as a guest star, but he's just been upgraded to series regular! So expect to be seeing a lot more of Nathaniel Plimpton III in Season 3.

White Josh - David Hull

Like Foster, David Hull was also promoted from guest star to recurring role as one of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 characters.

More 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Season 3 Cast & Characters

  • Hector - Erick Lopez
  • Scott Proctor - Steve Monroe
  • Mrs. Hernandez - Gina Gallego
  • Naomi Bunch - Tovah Feldshuh
  • Father Brah - Rene Gube
  • Chris - Jacob Guenther
  • Dr. Noelle Akopian - Michael Hyatt
  • Karen - Stephnie Weir
  • Maya - Ester Povitsky
  • Jim - Burl Moseley
  • George - Danny Jolles
  • Young Rebecca - Ava Acres
  • Trent Maddock - Paul Welsh
  • Sunil Odhav - Parvesh Cheena
  • Audra Levine - Rachel Grate