When Dumbo was originally released in 1941, the voice cast were uncredited in their roles. However several decades later things have significantly changed and Disney are preparing some of Hollywood's most impressive names to play some of Dumbo's most iconic characters in the live-action adaptation.

Take a look below to learn all you need to know about the cast and characters of 's upcoming Dumbo live-action remake prior to its release:

'Dumbo' Cast & Characters

[Credit: Amazon Studios/20th Century Fox/Warner Bros. Pictures]
[Credit: Amazon Studios/20th Century Fox/Warner Bros. Pictures]

Dumbo cast:

Casting on Dumbo has only just begun, and so far most of the names are just rumored. However we know there will be three main adult roles in the film, so here are the names that we could see appear in the finished product:

Danny DeVito Deadline reports that Danny DeVito is currently in negotiations to appear in Dumbo as the character Medici. DeVito has collaborated with Burton on many films in the past, including Batman Returns and Big Fish.

Eva Green — Eva Green already worked with Tim Burton in Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and now Deadline have reported she may be partnering with him again for Dumbo. Green is rumored for the role of Colette.

Colin FarrellDeadline have confirmed that Colin Farrell is in negotiations to join Dumbo in the role of Holt.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Dumbo characters:

So far we only know a very small group of confirmed character, though there are many more who appeared in the 1941 original who will also likely pop up in the live-action.

Confirmed characters:

Dumbo — The titular character, young Dumbo is the big-eared baby of Mrs. Jumbo.

Medici — a Ringmaster, rumored to be the owner of a smaller circus which is bought by the evil big top circus owner Vandemere.

Vandemere — The villainous Ringmaster of a circus. One of the three human adult roles in the film.

Colette — A French trapeze artist who works for Vandemere

Holt — The widowed father of two children from Kentucky.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Possible characters:

Mrs. Jumbo — Dumbo's mother played a big role in the animated version and it seems likely she'll have a similar role in the live-action.

Timothy Q. Mouse — Dumbo's friend and supporter, Timothy is the reason Dumbo discovers and hones his flying ability thanks to the mouse's lucky feather trick.

The Crow — The crows were an undeniably racist part of Dumbo (the leader was named Jim Crow...), but they were also sympathetic to Dumbo and helped Timothy teach Dumbo how to fly.

Casey Junior — Casey Junior was the train engine pulling the circus cars.

Elephant Matriarch — There are a number of elephants in Dumbo, including the matriarch, the pompous leader of the group.