An Easter Egg is a term used to describe a purposefully-placed detail that, in hindsight or not, reflects a not so well-known secret about the story. The term might have started in video games, but nowadays Easter Eggs are commonplace in television series, DVD menus and even computer programs. And if you're thinking the idea might have sprung from the traditional Easter Egg hunting, you guessed right!

For shows like , , and , Easter Eggs are such a huge part of the whole watching experience that they're sometimes planted in every series-related material, from promos and trailers to every single episode — prompting an actual hunt from avid fans.

The Easter Egg hunting is also taken fairly series by and fans, and producers like Zack Snyder and James Gunn, for example, take particular care in placing those secret elements and inside jokes in their movies and merchandise for fans to obsess over. The summer blockbuster didn't fall short of the trend:

Now that Easter Eggs are no mystery to you anymore, have fun hunting some cool clues of your own in your favorite shows and movies! And if you're struggling with any other television-related terms, be sure to check out our TV jargon dictionary — with plenty of examples to add in some color.