The CW's iZombie is an American fantasy television series loosely based upon the DC Comics/ Vertigo series of the same name. iZombie follows the life of medical examiner Olivia 'Liv' Moore, and chronicles her journey as she navigates the world as a real-life, walking, talking Zombie.

Her need for brains leads her to quit her job as a medical resident, and instead take up work at the morgue, alongside fellow medical examiner, Dr. Ravi Chakrabati. Ravi soon discovers her secret and the two become good friends. Examining the bodies that come into the morgue, Liv also consumes their brains, cooking them in an array of delightfully macabre recipes.

Liv Moore is quite the chef. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
Liv Moore is quite the chef. 'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

What You Can Expect From The CW's iZombie

Though the show's main character is a Zombie, the show takes a lighthearted look at the functioning undead. It's filled with humorous moments, and with a new case every week, it never gets boring. Plus, iZombie adds to the standard zombie lore in a number of fascinating ways. First, when she eats the brain of a dead person, Liv has visions of their former life. She's not able to control when these visions happen, though something will usually trigger the vision, leading her to stare off into the distance for a bit. Typically these visions help her solve the case of their murder, as well as being hilariously inconvenient when they interrupt moments in her personal life. In a recent episode of iZombie, Liv had visions of her ex whilst making out with her new beau. Probably not what she had in mind!

The second thing to look out for is the change in Liv's personality, depending on whose brains she's consumed. Along with the visions, Liv also temporarily gains some of the personality traits of the deceased. She's cooked up a ton of brains of screen, and each one has a drastically different personality. She's been on grumpy old man brain, dominatrix brain, and super nerdy brain to name a few, and each one is wonderfully unique.

To Zombie Or Not To Zombie? Who's Who In A City Infested By The Undead

Rose McIver takes the lead as the aformentioned Liv Moore: A charming, intelligent young woman whose entire life changes when she wakes up from a boat party gone wrong, with a sudden hankering for brains.

Rahul Kohli acts alongside Rose as Dr. Ravi Chakrabati. A quirky nerd turned Doctor who discovers Liv's secret, Ravi ends up becoming Liv's close friend.

Robert Buckley stars as Liv's former fiancee, Major Lilywhite. A handsome former football player turned social worker / personal trainer, Major ends up becoming good friends with Ravi. The two share a flat and love for video games, among other things.

Malcolm Goodwin plays Detective Clive Babineaux, a serious and ambitious officer in the Seattle PD. He works with Liv, believing she has psychic abilities, to help solve various homicide cases.

Aly Michalka and David Anders round out the main cast as Peyton Charles, Liv's BFF and roommate, and Blaine DuBeers, a drug-dealing Zombie turned brain dealer. and love interest for Peyton.

Where To Watch 'iZombie' - U.S & Internationally

iZombie airs Tuesdays on The CW at 9/8c for those in the U.S, and Wednesdays on Netflix for us international fans. If you're in the states and fancy a binge-watch, iZombie Seasons 1 & 2 are available on U.S Netflix, and Season 3 should be available eight days after next week's finale.

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For all of the above, simply stay tuned to this iZombie tag to make sure you never miss a moment of the action! If you fancy yourself as more of a comic fan than a TV fan, you can check out the Vertigo comics the show is loosely based on.