Dancing clowns and creatures in the mist are pretty scary, that's for sure, but horror fans know that nothing is scarier than the human monsters that Stephen King creates in his bestselling novels. With that in mind, join us as we reveal everything you need to know about the upcoming TV adaptation of Mr Mercedes, and just remember:

"Let's prey."

Mr Mercedes Season 1 Air Date

Mr. Mercedes will drive his ice cream truck somewhere near you on August 9th at 8PM ET/PT on Audience.

Mr Mercedes Season 1 Trailer

The first official trailer for Mr Mercedes perfectly captures the tone of the book, providing us with our first glimpse of the disturbing clown mask and the show's signature yet undeniably creepy smiley face motif.

Mr Mercedes Season 1 Plot

Mr Mercedes [Credit: Scribner]
Mr Mercedes [Credit: Scribner]

In Stephen King's source material, Mr Mercedes follows a sociopathic killer called Brady Hartsfield who taunts police detective Bill Hodges out of retirement through a series of derisive letters and emails. Determined to prevent "Mr Mercedes" from killing again, Hodges sets out on a personal mission to bring Hartsfield to justice.

So far, it's unclear exactly how faithful this new adaptation will be, but we'll bring you more details as soon as they emerge.

Mr Mercedes Season 1 Cast and Characters

The following character descriptions are taken from the original book, but will be updated accordingly if the adaptation of Mr Mercedes deviates drastically from the words of .

  • Brendan Gleeson / Detective Bill Hodges — Hodges is the main protagonist who comes out of retirement to stop the Mr Mercedes killings.
  • Harry Treadaway / Brady Hartsfield — The Mr Mercedes killer is a disturbed individual who killed his mentally handicapped brother at a young age.
  • Jharrel Jerome / Jerome Robinson — The computer-literate teenager is hired by Hodges to use his skills and help track Mr Mercedes down.
  • Mary-Louise Parker / Janey Patterson — After encouraging Hodges to take the case, Janey falls in love with the former detective.
  • Justine Lupe / Holly Gibney — Janey's cousin plays a pivotal role, helping Hodges in his investigation later down the line.
  • Scott Lawrence / Detective Peter Dixon — This character is presumably based on Peter 'Pete' Huntley, Hodges's former partner, although this is yet to be confirmed.
  • Kelly Lynch / Deborah Hartsfield — The mother of Mr Mercedes is an alcoholic who shares an incestuous relationship with her son.
  • Ann Cusack / Olivia Trelawney — The woman who owns the titular Mercedes struggles to cope with the ghosts of her past.
  • Stephen King (cameo) / ??? — Stephen King is no stranger to taking cameo roles in adaptations of his work, but the nature of this one is yet to be determined.

Mr Mercedes Season 1 Theories

New easter eggs found in the trailer for The Dark Tower reveal that some of the Stephen King adaptations will recreate the shared universe found in his books, tying various properties based on his work together. While it seems unlikely that Mr Mercedes will be directly linked to these big screen adaptations, Stephen King fans should still keep on the look out for easter eggs that reference his most iconic stories.

Where To Watch Mr Mercedes Season 1 Online

After airing on Audience, fans can catch up with Mr Mercedes online by streaming the show at DIRECTTV NOW.

Stephen King TV & Movie Adaptations: The Complete List

Mr Mercedes isn't the only Stephen King story set to hit our screens in the near future. From IT and The Dark Tower to The Mist and Castle Rock, you won't believe how many of the author's books are being adapted in the form of movies and TV shows. Luckily, we have it on good authority that each of these upcoming projects look equally awesome.