The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone will bring his YA sensibilities to New Mutants, a X-Men spin-off that will inject fresh blood into the superhero genre. Forget what you've seen from Fox so far: rumors strongly suggest that New Mutants will take a supernatural spin on the X-Men formula, threading elements of horror into the usual teenage hijinks. Join us as we break down everything you need to know about New Mutants, and remember to check back regularly as we bring you the latest news and fan theories.

New Mutants Trailer

New Mutants [Credit: Marvel Comics]
New Mutants [Credit: Marvel Comics]

When the first New Mutants trailer drops, join us for an in-depth breakdown as we Sunspot every easter egg linked to Marvel's original X-Men comics.

New Mutants Release Date: When Is It Out?

Waiting for New Mutants to arrive in cinemas has become the Wolfsbane of our lives, but fear not: now that production has officially started, New Mutants is expected to be released on April 13, 2018.

New Mutants Plot: What's It About?

While we're yet to learn plot specifics, reports suggest that the New Mutants film will be loosely based on Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz's "Demon Bear Saga" from 1984, where the team faced the titular bear — and also their darkest fears.

Speaking to Creative Screenwriting, director Josh Boone revealed why this particular arc is so important to him:

“It was really dark, interesting and different from the typical X-Men stories that we had read.”

By all accounts, it seems as though New Mutants will aim to capture the Magik of Stranger Things, combining the horror of Stephen King with the teen hijinks of a classic John Hughes movie.

Freshman Year: Meet The Cast Of 'New Mutants'

Who will (Moon) star in the fresh-faced X-Men spin-off? Reports strongly suggest that the following mutants will be the main characters in New Mutants, adhering closely to the core roster typically seen in the .

New Mutants [Credit: Marvel Comics]
New Mutants [Credit: Marvel Comics]
  • Cannonball — Nat Wolff is rumored to play Kentucky's homegrown superhero Sam Guthrie, whose power to launch himself into the sky with a powerful force-field helped earn him a spot as team leader.
  • Moonstar — Native American superhero Danielle Moonstar possesses the unique ability to create illusions that reveal people's greatest fears and desires.
  • Wolfsbane — Game of Thrones cast member Maisie Williams will tackle the role of Rahne Sinclair, a Scottish mutant who can transform into a wolf or were-wolf, gaining heightened senses, strength and agility in the process.
  • Sunspot — Last seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sunspot is a Brazilian mutant who can absorb solar energy, gaining super strength and the ability to project flares of radiation at will.

  • Magik — This mutant sorceress is a formidable opponent, using a combination of magic, teleportation and the soulsword to take on her foes and fight alongside Colossus, her older brother. Anya Taylor-Joy will continue her supernatural streak in the role of Illyana Rasputin following parts in The Witch and Split.
  • Warlock — The techno-organic alien hails from a race of brutal warriors, but instead uses his shape-shifting abilities for good, contributing is own unique brand of humor to the team.
  • Professor Xavier — James McAvoy is confirmed to appear in New Mutants as X-Men founder Professor X, but it's unclear how involved he will be in the day-to-day running of the team.

What remains unclear still is whether other fan favorites such as Karma, Cypher and Boom-Boom will also make an appearance or whether they will be saved for future instalments.

Where To Watch New Mutants Online

New Mutants hasn't even aired in cinemas yet, but after its release, it won't take long for the X-Men spin-off to cannonball its way online.