In the wake of the epic Season 1 finale, will be returning to for a second season. With the town on Annville and its residents blown up, the series will likely change dynamic in Season 2 as Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip search for God.

In the meantime, consider this page your gospel as we keep you up to date with all things Preacher Season 2. Find out everything there is to know about the hit series upcoming second instalment below and don't forget to come back and check for updates!

'Preacher' Season 2 Trailer

Take a look at the first official Preacher Season 2 trailer below!

'Preacher' Season 2 Premiere Date

Although it was originally scheduled for June 19th, AMC has moved the premiere date for Preacher Season 2 to the following week. It will now have a two night premiere starting on on Sunday June 25th 2017, followed by the second episode on Monday, June 26th. The series will then air weekly on Monday nights. For UK viewers, episodes of Season 2 will hit Amazon Prime the following day.

'Preacher' Season 2 Plot

The first season of Preacher may have introduced the crazy town of Annville, but Season 2 promises something completely different. With Annville and its residents blown to smithereens in the finale, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy set off on a road trip to solve the show's biggest mystery: Where is God? We know for a fact that the holy leader has disappeared out of Heaven. This season, we're hoping that the small-town preacher and his eccentric friends will be able to discover the whereabouts of the all-seeing, all-powerful creator before the terrifying Saint of Killers catches up with him.

'Preacher' Season 2 Cast & Characters

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

— Dominic Cooper / Jesse Custer: Previously appearing in several Marvel Cinematic Universe products, Cooper plays Jesse Custer, the preacher of Annville who inadvertendly gains special abilities when a supernatural entity called Genesis enters him.

— Ruth Negga / Tulip O' Hare: Known for her Oscar nominated performance in Loving, Negga plays Tulip O' Hare, a feisty take-no-prisoners girl who was previously in a relationship with Jesse. Tulip seeks Jesse's help to get revenge on one of the pair's former associates.

— Joseph Gilgun / Cassidy: Previously appearing on Emmerdale and Misfits, Gilgun plays Cassidy, an often intoxicated yet always loveable Irish vampire who becomes Jesse's best friend.

Where To Watch 'Preacher' Season 2 Online

If you live in the UK and have a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime, then episodes of Preacher Season 2 will be made available the day after US broadcast. If you live in the US, then unfortunately that's not an option.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Don't fret, we've got you covered. Episodes of Preacher Season 2 will be available on AMC, iTunes and Amazon US after their initial broadcast and, as a result, you'll be able to fulfil all your un-holy desires. The first season is currently available on AMC and Hulu.