After waking from a coma to find himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Rick Grimes quickly adapted to his new reality to become the leader of his small group, constantly warding off threats— both living and dead.

The leading man of The Walking Dead has been through a hell of a time during his seven seasons, but Rick is not the least interested in handing over leadership to someone else. Instead he's forming an army and marching to war against his latest nemesis, Negan. It'll be a tough fight for the former Sheriff, but there's no doubt he can come out victorious; After all, look at some of Rick's most awesome — and savage — moments from the series so far:

Killing Shane To Protect The Group

Rick keeps a pretty strict moral code, especially in the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. However, in Season 2 when it became clear that there was no alternative when he was forced to kill Shane, his former best friend. Shane had already planned to kill Rick when he lured him out in the wilderness, making it evident to Rick that he was past the point of salvation, and was now a danger to the group.

Killing A Man By Ripping Out His Jugular... With His Teeth

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

After losing the safe haven of the prison and believing his daughter to be dead, Season 4 saw Rick become extremely hardened, doing anything he could to protect Carl and Michonne. After the trio were stopped by group known as the Claimers, and the men made moves to rape Carl and Michonne, Rick ripped out the leader's jugular and stabbed another member of the group in order to save his family.

Killing An Abusive Husband

After arriving at Alexandria, Rick immediately sensed that resident doctor, Pete Anderson, was bad news. Soon enough, Pete was revealed to be an alcoholic abuser of his family; And when he accidentally killed Reg whilst in a drunken rage, Rick wasted no time at all, killing Pete with the blessing of Reg's wife and Alexandria's leader, Deanna.

Leading The Attack On The Saviors' Outpost

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

After learning where one of the Saviors' outposts is located, Rick formed a plan and immediately launched a surprise attack, killing many of the Saviors as they slept. While the base was unfortunately not the main base of the Saviors, it did serve as quite the introduction for Rick's group to Negan and his men.

Organizing The Army's First Attack On The Saviors

Despite the group being betrayed by Jadis and her followers, Rick's newly assembled army (including the late arrivals from the Hilltop and the Kingdom) managed to hold Alexandria while Negan, Jadis and their followers were forced to retreat. With the relative success of this attack, in Season 8 we can expect the group's fighting strategy to become even more sophisticated and ruthless!