SPOILER WARNING: As the title suggests, this page will be packed with SPOILERS for Stranger Things Season 2. If that's not your thing, pack up your stuff and get Demogor-GONE.

When a TV show causes the internet to lose its collective mind like did last summer, the hype for its second installment is going to come thick and fast. That also means that soon Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers are going to be filling up the wild, weird, web — so here's your top spot for all the most reliable ones currently in circulation.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoiler: The Threat To Will Byers Has Grown

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

What we heard: An extended stay in the Upside Down will look peachy to Will after Season 2 is through with him. This time the narrative is going deeper and much, much darker. Noah Schnapp (Will) revealed:

“You’ll be seeing more of me. I’ll be there. In the last episode, I threw up a slug, so Season 2 begins with what happens from there. There may have been some effect on him. I may or may not have turned into a monster. You’ll have to watch to find out.”

Where we heard it: Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly

What it could mean: If the Super Bowl trailer is anything to go by, the threat to Will Byers is coming in the form of a huge, spider-like monster — which many people believe is D&D's Thessalhydra.

Additionally, it looks like he's having visions now, perhaps displaying telekinetic abilities similar to Eleven's, which you can bet your bottom dollar his mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) will be freaking out about. Co-creator Matt Duffer backed up this reasoning in a recent interview with EW:

“He seems to be seeing images from the Upside Down — the question is whether they’re real or not. So it seems like he’s having some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoiler: Winona Ryder Will Have A New Boyfriend

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

What we heard: Sean Austin (The Goonies, Lord of the Rings) will play Joyce Byer's new flame and former classmate, Bob Newby. Matt Duffer explained:

“She’s trying to mask a lot. I think she’s made this choice with Bob because she wants a good father figure in her sons’ lives.”

Where we heard it: Fan2Sea Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly

What it could mean: Mostly, it'll probably mean that Chief Hopper is pretty pissed off. Her new relationship will undoubtably bring a new dynamic to the already rocky Byer's clan, with Will and Jonathan still coming to terms with last summer's ordeal.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoiler: There's Going To Be A Town-Wide Fallout

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

What we heard: A rift is going to form between those who know what happened in Season 1 and those who don't. David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, explained to EW that the role of explaining their sticky situation will fall down to him:

“It kind of falls on Hopper to be the voice of authority to say, ‘This did happen and this didn’t happen. He’s struggling with the compromise that takes him to, having to lie and cover things up.”

Where we heard it: Fan2Sea Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly

What it could mean: That protecting Hawkins, Indiana from the next bigger, badder monster is going to be hard work. One would assume that the townsfolk find it hard to believe that a blood-thirsty beast from another dimension has arrived to snatch up their pals, and a girl called Eleven had the telekinetic powers to banish it. While their disbelief is totally understandable, it will also make the community much, much more vulnerable.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoiler: There Will Be More Than One Monster, But They're Not All Bad

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

What we heard: This season is going to bring us not just one monster, but many, if Gaten Matarazzo's huge hint is to be believed. Though we've no idea (yet) what the huge beast in the trailer is, there's a chance that not all the creatures in Stranger Things Season 2 are going to be super scary:

“It’s a little creature I get to bond with. It’s obviously not from this planet or this dimension.”

Where we heard it: Entertainment Weekly

What it could mean: That we might actually find a little solace in an otherwise scary series! A hope that's backed up by the fact that a Finding Dory co-director just jumped on board to helm two episodes, one of which is titled "The Pollywog," which means "a tadpole." I'd stagger a decent guess that this episode will be where we meet Dustin's new pal.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoiler: Barb Is Definitely Dead And Nancy Is The Only One Who Cares

'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]
'Stranger Things' [Credit: Netflix]

What we heard: Matt Duffer has clarified that "yes, she's dead. There's a slug hanging out of her mouth — out of her dead corpse." And, going off Ross Duffer's explanation, it sounds like Nancy is still in mourning:

“She and Mike are both the most screwed-up because they’re the ones who both lost someone. They’re both grappling with that, and we see the effects.”

Where we heard it: Samsung 837, Entertainment Weekly

What it could mean: Mostly, that Nancy is going to go a little off-the-rails in Season 2. If nobody cares about the death of your (supposed) BFF, what chance do you stand?

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