The phrase "born to play a role" is perhaps overused, but Tom Hardy was born to play the role of rogue, hat-wearing grunter, James Delaney, in the standout TV spectacle Taboo, for one clear reason — Hardy himself, along with his father Chips, created the character.

Set in the 19th century, Taboo is a period drama with a twist; it's violent, it's shocking, it's profanity fuelled, it's organ manipulating and it's endlessly entertaining. As one of Hollywood's big hitters, there were fears Hardy would only be able to schedule one season, but this is a passion project for the British actor, and one he clearly can't leave behind, just yet.

Not long after the finale, Taboo Season 2 was confirmed. Here, you'll find all the information you could possibly have a use for, like the news equivalent of gunpowder. Read on, and enjoy.

'Taboo' Season 2 Trailer

The Taboo Season 2 trailer isn't yet released. But don't worry. We'll be scanning all available sources like an American spy on James Delaney, and as soon as footage is released, it'll be here.

'Taboo' Season 2 Air Date

Atticus (Stephen Graham) and James Delaney (Tom Hardy) [Credit: BBC / FX]
Atticus (Stephen Graham) and James Delaney (Tom Hardy) [Credit: BBC / FX]

There's still no official confirmation of when the Taboo Season 2 air date will be confirmed, but the show is expected to return in 2018 on both the BBC in the UK and FX in America.

Taboo Season 1 ran between January and February, across eight episodes, so it's more than likely Season 2 will also be released at the start of the year. What better company for those cold winter months?

'Taboo' Season 2 Plot

The trio of Tom Hardy, Chips Hardy and Steven Knight created a script that was striking in its originality, deeply intricate and always explosively unpredictable. But now that James Delaney's big plan has been executed, what will happen with the Taboo Season 2 plot?

Although initially described as a one-off mini-series, Knight — who also wrote Peaky Blinders — has explained that he envisions three seasons, which means we can trust the story has a lot more life in it. In the finale of Taboo Season 1, Delaney and his League of the Damned had escaped London in their ship, presumably setting sail for America. It was part of the plan, after all.

Delaney's ship setting off for America [Credit: BBC / FX]
Delaney's ship setting off for America [Credit: BBC / FX]

But, at the last minute, there was a surprise twist; Delaney informed Atticus that instead they were heading to Ponta Delgada in the Azores, to meet the mysterious American agent, known as Colonnade. What Delaney's intention is isn't clear, but you can be sure he has it all perfectly mapped out.

'Taboo' Season 2 Cast & Characters

Characterization is one of the strongest attributes of the show, with a whole host of compelling characters playing their part in the backstabbing deceit of corruption and violence. Although a number of big names met their demise in the finale, the Taboo Season 2 cast and characters list is still hugely impressive, fronted by the eye-rolling whirlwind that is Tom Hardy's James Delaney:

  • James Delaney (Tom Hardy)
  • Lorna Bow (Jessie Buckley)
  • Atticus (Stephen Graham)
  • Dr George Cholmondeley (Tom Hollander)
  • Michael Godfrey (Edward Hogg)
  • Brace (David Hayman)
  • Robert (Louis Serkis)
  • Prince Regent (Mark Gatiss)
Could Zilpha return in flashbacks in 'Taboo' Season 2? [Credit: BBC / FX]
Could Zilpha return in flashbacks in 'Taboo' Season 2? [Credit: BBC / FX]

There are also a few fan favourites who are presumed dead, but could make a surprise appearance (surprise is Taboo's forte). These include Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce) and Zilpha Geary (Oona Chaplin).

'Taboo' Season 2 Theories

Taboo is a show ripe for speculation. Although seemingly rebuked toward the end — with Delaney's apparent black magic ability exposed as careful planning and clever direction — we still can't be completely sure that there is no supernatural element (especially considering its emphasis and importance.) For that reason alone, Taboo Season 2 theories will likely focus on this.

Other theories are based around Delaney's motivation. What does he really want? His original plan was apparently to redeem his father and take control of the business, but his goals seem to have changed. Does he have something bigger planned?

Delaney's time in Africa may be explained [Credit: BBC / FX]
Delaney's time in Africa may be explained [Credit: BBC / FX]

In terms of the plot, the theory is that the next season will shine some more light Delaney's mysterious years spent in Africa, as well as possible flashbacks to his relationship with Zilpha. Oh, and let's not forget, it still hasn't been officially confirmed if Robert is Delaney's (and Zilpha's) son. Could we see more repercussions?

For further reading, below are theories from Taboo Season 1 that could still be proven to be true:

Where To Watch 'Taboo' Season 2 Online

If you live in the UK, you can watch Taboo Season 2 online on the BBC iPlayer, which will release episodes each week. In America, the show will be available to watch on FXNow, the network's on demand service.

In the meantime, you can use both platforms to watch Taboo Season 1 online. Further still, there is potential that Taboo could end up on Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix. No official news has been made yet, but it's well known that availability also increases popularity.