After seven seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead, viewers have most recently been introduced to the wide array of communities that have cropped up in the years since the apocalypse hit and the world fell into chaos. The show is currently working on Season 8, a season in which the stakes will be higher than ever for our favorite characters as they march to war against the villainous Negan and his Saviors.

We still have a number of months to wait until the show returns to screens, but until then take a look below at Movie Pilot's guide to everything you need to know about The Walking Dead Season 8 prior to its release:

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Date

The Walking Dead Season 8 is yet to receive an exact premiere date, though we can likely expect it sometime in October 2017.

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Plot

The official synopsis for Season 8 is yet to be released, but given how Season 7 ended and considering the storylines of the comic series, much of Season 8 will undoubtedly be concerned with the bloody war between Rick's army and Negan's Saviors.

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Cast & Characters

Some of The Walking Dead cast [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
Some of The Walking Dead cast [Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
  • Andrew Lincoln — Rick Grimes: Group leader since Season 1, Rick Grimes is not a man to be messed with.
  • Chandler Riggs — Carl Grimes: Carl was just a kid when the apocalypse hit. Now he's a fully-fledged, one-eyed badass.
  • Norman Reedus — Daryl Dixon: The redneck with a heart of gold, Daryl Dixon is a long time fan favorite, and that doesn't look set to change any time soon.
  • Melissa McBride — Carol Peletier: The most unlikely character to have survived this far in the apocalypse, Carol's transformation in the series is impressive.
  • Lauren Cohan — Maggie Rhee: A tough farm girl, Maggie has only gone from strength to strength, and is now on the verge of leading the Hilltop community.
  • Danai Gurira — Michonne: First arriving as a mystery woman at the end of Season 2, Michonne is now in a relationship with Rick Grimes, with the pair basically crowned as the king and queen of the apocalypse.
  • Katelyn Nacon — Enid: After losing her parents, Enid has now made a new family among the group.
  • Lennie James — Morgan Jones: After many years of solitude, Morgan is now part of the community, though still struggles with the brutal demands of the new world.
  • Alanna Masterson — Tara Chambler: A hard worker and quick to make a joke, Tara is an asset to any group.
  • Christian Serratos — Rosita Espinosa: After joining the series in Season 4, the tough-as-nails Rosita has become a core member of Rick's crew.
  • Josh McDermitt — Eugene Porter: The super smart man with the mullet may be totally self-interested, but damned if he doesn't have some great one-liners.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan — Negan: The biggest villain to ever appear in the series, Negan is constantly shaking The Walking Dead to their core.
  • Tom Payne — Paul "Jesus" Rovia: A strong and capable member of the Hilltop community.
  • Austin Amelio — Dwight: One of Negan's Saviors, who has since secretly teamed up with Rick.
  • Ross Marquand — Aaron: One of the strongest members of Alexandria before Rick's group joined, he's now a key asset.

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Theories

The Walking Dead fans are known for their love of theories, which is a good thing considering how many unsolved mysteries there are in The Walking Dead universe to keep theorists busy. Take a look at all the major currently theories for The Walking Dead below:

Watch 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Online

We might be waiting awhile until The Walking Dead Season 8, but until then you can watch previous seasons on Netflix, Hulu, AMC, iTunes and Amazon Video.