The White Princess is the highly anticipated sequel to BBC's The White Queen. Based on Philippa Gregory's best-selling novel, The White Princess depicts England after the marriage alliance between the Yorks and Lancasters put an end to the War of Roses. The series follows the events of Henry VII's reign from his new wife's perspective. Elizabeth of York will have to not only settle herself into her political marriage to Henry Lancaster, but also endure — and survive — Henry's controlling mother, Margaret Beaufort.

Starz kickstarted the series' production completely independently from BBC after The White Queen concluded, and finally, The White Princess is nearly set to premiere. On this page, we'll keep a close look on everything that's been going on with The White Princess, continually updating it as relevant news and content come up — so be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date!

'The White Princess' Premiere Date

Early on February 2017, Starz announced The White Princess premiere date will be Sunday, April 16 at 8pm. They also announced that The White Princess will be a miniseries, running for just 8 episodes. Given the juiciness and depth of the source material, they'll have a lot ground to cover in each episode.

'The White Princess' Trailer

Starz revealed the first The White Princess trailer on February 9, 2017. The trailer promises plenty of political scheming, historic battles, and powerful female characters to root for (and against!).

A new teaser trailer/featurette for The White Princess was released on March 8, via Starz Twitter. It offers a glimpse of the political backdrop that leads to the marriage alliance between Yorks and Lancasters — and how that affects Lizzie and Henry's relationship.

'The White Princess' Cast

'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]
'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]

Despite being a sequel to The White Queen — and sharing many of the same characters — The White Princess cast is markedly different from its predecessor's, bringing some heavy weights to feature alongside the lead characters.

—Jodi Comer as princess — and later Queen of England — Elizabeth of York.

—Jacob Collins-Levy as King Henry VII and Elizabeth's husband.

—Michelle Fairley as the King's mother, Margaret Beauford.

—Essie Davis as Elizabeth's mother, the former White Queen.

—Caroline Goodall as the Queen's grandmother, Cecily

'The White Princess' Characters

The series is not only based on Philippa Gregory's novel; since the novel itself is a historical one, many of The White Princess characters have real life counterparts. Philippa Gregory's novels always strive to tell the story through the main female character's perspective, so Elizabeth of York and those surrounding her will definitely take center-stage in this historical epic.

—Elizabeth of York: Daughter of the late King Edward IV and The White Queen herself, Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York sees her life transformed when her mother concocts a plan that will put and end to the War of Roses — and see Elizabeth married to Henry VII, the new King.

—Henry VII: After living in exile for most of his youth in France, Henry returned to England to regain the crown from the Yorkists. The last Lancaster surviving heir, Henry's mother, Margaret, his greatest ally and supporter. That's why, under her advisement, he agrees to take Elizabeth of York as his wife.

—Elizabeth Woodville: The White Queen is, above all, a fierce mother who will do whatever it takes to ensure her children survive the war between the Yorks and Lancasters. It was through her betrayal of her late husband's brother, King Richard III, that the Lancaster family retook control over the English crown — with the condition that her daughter Elizabeth be made Queen consort.

—Margaret Beauford: Margaret is a determined and aggressive Lancaster widow, who went to great lengths to see her son, the last legitimate Lancaster heir, ascend to the throne. And, now that's she managed just that, she will make sure Henry keeps his crown — even if it means marrying into a former rival family.

'The White Princess' Plot Details & Spoilers

'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]
'The White Princess' [Credit: Starz]

Since it's a period drama — and loosely based on historical events — The White Princess's plot is hardly a mystery. The twist here is, however, how controversial Philippa Gregory's novels are within the historical community. Although Philippa claims that staying truthful to the history is a great part of her work, some historians seem to believe Gregory's work takes a step too far into the realm of fantasy.

A good example of this is her depiction of the young Princess Elizabeth of York in 'The Cousin's War' books; in the novels, Elizabeth becomes her uncle's (Richard III) lover after his wife passes away. In The White Queen series, however, this plot line was significantly altered, and the romance eliminated. Although the series has migrated from BBC to Starz, the prequel's producer, Emma Frost, remains as The White Princess's writer and showrunner. One interesting detail that may be slightly altered in The White Princess is Elizabeth's full knowledge of her mother's plans. While in the book, the young Queen is privy to her mother's secrets, it may be that, in the series, Elizabeth of York is unaware of The White Queen's schemes — offering a real chance for Elizabeth's and Henry's love story to evolve.

Where To Watch 'The White Princess' Online

In the interest of knowing where exactly in history The White Princess begins, you might want to check out its prequel. When Starz bought the rights to The White Princess, they also acquired the streaming rights to The White Queen, which is now available on their site.

Once The White Princess starts, you might also catch up with the episodes on the Starz app or online, on Starz on demand. We have less than two months to go until the 'feminist Game of Thrones' is unleashed on our screens — brace yourselves!