In 2014, TNT and DC teamed up for a live-action Teen Titans TV series centered around Dick Grayson stepping away from Batman's shadow as Nightwing and gathering a team of young heroes to protect the world. The series seemed to be in good shape, but two years after its announcement, the project fell apart. But DC is finally shining the spotlight on our beloved teenage heroes with Titans, a live-action show written by Akiva Goldsman (Cinderella Man, Batman & Robin), Arrowverse's Greg Berlanti, and Geoff Johns.

As any other superhero adaptation, Titans has a lot of information to dissect, so be sure to check back here regularly as news and story details emerge for the highly-anticipated series.

Titans Season 1 Plot: What's It About?

Plot details are scarce at this point, but we do have some information. When the show was first announced, Deadline released this brief synopsis, putting Dick Grayson at the forefront of the show:

"It follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In the action-adventure series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes that includes Starfire, Raven and others."

The main antagonist is being kept a mystery, but we may have an idea of who the Titans will be going up against, as there was a casting call for Acolyte that went out in September. The Acolyte is a mysterious figure, obsessed with overthrowing God with another deity. While he claims to have existed since the creation of humanity, he's just a human who modified his body to look otherworldly. According to the show's description, the Acolyte is after Rachel (Raven's civilian name) to take her powers for unknown reasons.

Aside from The Acolyte, fans have been speculating that the Titans will battle Trigon, Raven's demon father from another dimension with ambitions to take over the universe.

Titans Season 1 Cast & Characters: Who's In It?

[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
  • Brenton Thwaites is Dick Grayon, a.k,a. Robin: Thwaites will be putting on the domino mask and tights to play the Boy Wonder. Dick won't be using his Nightwing persona, but it looks like the show is building up to it, as he'll start off having parted ways with Batman.
  • Teagan Croft is Rachel, a.k.a. Raven: The ever-mysterious Raven is the daughter of a demonic presence known as Trigon. The young girl will be in a constant struggle with her dark side due to her origins.
  • Anna Diop is Koriand'r, a.k.a. Starfire: Starfire is a strict and aggressive princess from a warrior planet who'll be arriving on our fair Earth, looking for a place to belong.
  • Alan Ritchson is Hank Hall, a.k.a. Hawk: One half of the Hawk & Dove duo, Hall is a hot-headed superhero with super strength, durability, stamina, speed and the power of flight.
  • Minka Kelly is Dawn Granger, a.k.a. Dove: The other half of the aforementioned team, Dove is strategic, calm and fun. She has the power to fly, super strength, stamina, and a pretty accurate danger awareness sense. She's also responsible of balancing Hawk's dark side.
  • Ryan Potter is Garfield Logan, a.k.a. Beast Boy: As a child, Logan contracted a disease known as Sakutia during an expedition trip with his parents. To save his life, the boy was given an experiment drug that turned his hair and skin green. It also gave him the ability to turn into any animal he wants. Despite his backstory, he's one of the funniest and easygoing members of the group.
  • Lindsey Gort is Amy Rohrbach: In the comics, she's one of the few good cops left in Bludhaven. In the show, she'll also be a police detective, and she'll act as Dick Grayson's new partner.

While other potential superheroes have been kept a mystery, fans have been theorizing that Titans will mark Beastboy's live-action debut.

'Titans' Release Date: When Can I Watch It?

An exact release date for the show is still pending, but the Titans are expected to come together to fight evil on DC's own digital consumer platform sometime in 2018.