Selina Meyer may no longer be the president of the United States but, fear not, we haven't seen the last of the former POTUS as has returned to HBO for a sixth season this year!

Last we saw Selina she reluctantly left the White House as Senator Montez became the first female president-elect. However, Selina's journey is far from over and we can only imagine what antics she will get up to in Season 6. In the meantime, we've compiled this neat little guide to keep you updated with all things Veep so be sure to check back for regular updates!

'Veep' Season 6 Trailer

Check out the official Veep Season 6 trailer below!

'Veep' Season 6 Premiere Date

Veep Season 6 premiered April 16th, 2017 on HBO.

'Veep' Season 6 Plot

Veep hit a huge crossroads at the end of Season 5 as Selina not only lost her presidency but Senator Tom James also wasn't elected in her place, which meant that she couldn't assume her former role as Vice President. Season 6 of the hit HBO series will likely see Selina struggle to cope with her life post-POTUS and attempt to reclaim some political control.

'Veep' Season 6 Cast & Characters

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus / Selina Meyer: Previously known for her role on Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, both the former vice president and president of the United States. Louis-Dreyfus has won multiple Emmys for her role in Veep and holds the record for the most Emmy wins and nominations in history.
  • Anna Chlumsky / Amy Brookheimer: Having previously appeared on Hannibal, Chlumsky plays Amy Brookheimer, Selina's Chief of Staff and former presidential campaign manager.
  • Tony Hale / Gary Walsh: Known for his role on Fox's Arrested Development, Hale plays Gary Walsh, Selina's personal aide and "bag man." Gary always has the information that Selina requires as well as being on hand for all of her dietary needs.
  • Reid Scott / Dan Egan: Known for his role on comedy series My Boys, Scott plays Dan Egan, Selina's former deputy director of communications. After Selina lost the election, Dan got a job working for CBS.
  • Timothy Simons / Jonah Ryan: Having previously had roles in The Interview and The Boss, Simons plays Jonah Ryan, the former White House liaison to Vice President's office. He is currently a congressman in New Hampshire.
  • Matt Walsh / Mike McLintock: Known for his roles in Into The Storm, Players and Dog Bites Man, Walsh plays Mike McLintock, Selina's former director of communications before being promoted to White House press secretary when Selina became president.
  • Sufe Bradshaw / Sue Wilson: Having previously appeared in Prison Break, Bradshaw plays Sue Wilson, Selina's personal secretary.
  • Kevin Dunn / Ben Cafferty: Previously known for his role in Godzilla, Dunn plays Ben Cafferty, the White House chief of staff.
  • Gary Cole / Kent Davison: Previously known for his roles on American Gothic and Crusade, Cole plays Kent Davison, the senior strategist to the president.

Watch 'Veep' Season 6 Online

Watch episodes of Veep Season 6 on HBO Now and HBO Go. The first five seasons are available on iTunes.