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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Today Hollywood - and the world of us mere mortals - said a heartfelt 'Goodbye' to the legendary Shirley Temple.

Shirley set the silver screen ablaze from a young age, going from the original child star to a powerful spokeswoman for important issues.

Here's a look at just a few of her best moments from way back...

1. The face of innocence

Small but mighty: a young Shirley quite literally saved Fox Pictures from bankruptcy.

2. Shirley Temple gives Walt Disney an Oscar

Temple carried herself with great maturity at the star-studded event.

3. A Kind Heart

'Never work with children or animals'? But they're so CUTE!

4. Can you spot little Shirley?

Not many people know that Shirley Temple is on this classic Beatles cover.

5. Hard-Headed Businesswoman!

The talented tot signs a contract for $1,000 a week with Fox at five years old.

6. Out for a Spin

Shirley and her co-star Baby LeRoy had this cute car made specially for them.

7. A Christmas Angel

Sadly, Shirley found out Santa was a hoax aged only 6. She met Claus at a mall, and the big dope asked for her autograph!

8. The Bear Necessities

In a time where child stars were rarer, Shirley was a real role model to millions.

9. Little Shirley wasn't so keen on those famous curls...

She wanted locks like explorer Amelia Earhart, and hated the 56 rollers it took to style her hair in its signature ringlets.

10. You may have ordered a 'Shirley Temple' at a bar.

It's Ginger ale, soda and Grenadine. Why not have a sweet, innocent drink in the great star's memory?

Here's to you, Shirley Temple! A life well lived!!


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