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With another Presidential Debate on the books it looks like here in the United States many people are laughing at the ludicrous situation we find ourselves in in terms of choices in the upcoming presidential election. Everyone has an opinion and it seems that we are expected to choose between what many consider the two most unpopular candidates we've ever had on both sides of the political party system.

Yes, I know there are independents and other 'minor' parties, but we're unlikely to see a non Republican or Democratic nomination become President. So, that is where we find ourselves, and I'm sure many would agree that it's a seemingly impossible choice for those who don't just outright believe in their party's candidate. I'm one of those voters and I hate the fact that I have to consider my vote in terms of who is the lesser of evils.

The election quandary that we are struggling through got me thinking about who I'd rather see in the election to hopefully become the President of the United States... I'm also a big comics reader...

So, here are the 10 comic book characters that I wish could be elected as President of my beloved country.

10. Lex Luthor

  • Firm stance on military strength
  • Devoted to furthering education and technological understanding
  • Has an extensive history in leadership

As odd as it may seem, I think that Lex Luthor would have a better standing in terms of being a President of the United States. Just look at his past in the comics themselves, he WAS the President and oddly enough the USA didn't implode. We had some issues, but I think in the grand scheme of it all he was a decent president and would have a lot to offer the country when he wasn't preoccupied with destroying Superman and the Bat.

9. Steve Rogers

  • Firm believer in what America stands for
  • Is a natural born leader, and has a take-charge attitude
  • Has seen both sides of war: winning and losing

Okay, we've all thought about the potential of having Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, in a leadership position considering that he is the embodiment of nearly every facet of what the United States was founded on. Captain America is one of the most trustworthy characters in all of Marvel comics (not including the recent events of Civil War II). Maybe POTUS is the next step for Capt?

8. Barbara Gordon

  • Firm stance on government corruption and would fight against it
  • Strong moral compass and eager to prove herself
  • Has ties to the police department

Now, we all know Barbara Gordon as both Oracle and Batgirl through the comics, but what you may not remember is that for a time she spent her days as a congresswoman in Washington, D.C. Putting aside her acrobatic detective training, Barbara did a lot of good work in the political realm thanks in part to her upbringing by her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, as well as her training with Batman.

7. Nick Fury

  • Has experience leading sanctioned and covert actions
  • Would come with a collection of knowledgeable department heads
  • Feels that the protection of the planet is paramount, not solely the US

Okay, lets just get this out of the way because how awesome would it be for the United States' Commander-in-Chief to come with a freaking eye patch? As the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury has an extensive background in both foreign and domestic policies as well a hands-on approach to dealing with incursions. Fury would work towards a safer future by introducing global policies as well as maintaining the current peace treaties.

6. Oliver Queen

  • Has held political office before
  • Believes that every person has the ability to become their own hero
  • Isn't easily swayed by opposition

We know that Olly has held a political position before with his 16-issue long tenure as the Mayor of Star City in the comics. Even though during the night he continued to fight crime as he always had as the Green Arrow, he still managed to fight corruption and social issues while in office. Oliver is one of the few vigilantes that I believe could do well in the role of President, and his background in politics as well as his time as the CEO of Queen Industries make me believe in his potential to become President.

5. Carol Danvers

  • Deep understanding of current military practices
  • Spent years serving her country prior to gaining super powers
  • Would bring a change in how our country interacts with other foreign powers

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is an ex-air force turned NASA officer. Although Carol is sometimes a bit of a hot head, she cares deeply for those she serves and that would be a great benefit when it comes to being the Commander-in-Chief. Captain Marvel has spent several years working in various aspects of galaxy defense, and through her travels she's picked up a great deal of diplomatic relations and she would be able to utilize this knowledge when it comes to foreign and domestic policies.

4. Tony Stark

  • Strong foundation in military armament
  • Focus on education and furthering technological achievements
  • Firm belief in what is the best for the country

Not long after the Avengers became "disassembled', Tony revealed his secret identity again and was accepting a position in the President's cabinet as the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Tony served as the defense secretary until he began insulting foreign diplomats (while being influenced for Scarlet Witch's power - so it wasn't all his fault). Tony would bring a strong foundation like Lex Luthor but wouldn't be as corruptible.

3. Charles Xavier

  • Is a natural born leader
  • Has years of experience in diplomacy
  • Believes in the good in all people

Now this may be a stretch for some to accept, but ultimately he may be the most deserving of the job. As the founder and primary educator of Xavier's Home for Gifted Students, Charles has spent decades teaching and training his mutants how to join society. Professor X is one of the most intelligent characters on this list and would have a lot to offer the United States as President (as well as the rest of the world). Professor Xavier is a natural leader and his telepathic powers could aid him in negotiation talks.

2. Clark Kent

  • Pacifist by nature
  • Believes in the good of all people
  • Raised in the heartland and understands the struggle of the middle class

Now, before we get into the technicality that Clark Kent is actually an alien and therefore cannot become president under the current rules and regulations - it's worth pointing out that some of the rules can be overlooked when you're dealing with a hero that literally flies around saving the world - at least that's how it works in the comics. Over the course of time Superman has become President several times, but I think it's Clark Kent's turn. Clark would bring all of the characteristics and beliefs that Superman carries because - come on, they're the same person. But he would also bring a more down-to-earth temperament because his alter-ego Superman wouldn't be in charge.

1. Wonder Woman

  • Has a nearly limitless knowledge of the military and can lead
  • Carries herself with dignity and pride
  • Has a nearly impeccable foreign relations policy

The Amazonian princess would be just about the best candidate the united States has ever seen, regardless of the fact that she technically can't become president simply because she isn't a natural born citizen. Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, has time and time again proven her ability to be a strong leader, and one whom truly cares for all those that she strives to protect. Ultimately, that is what our country desperately needs especially considering all the wars that we are fighting among ourselves. Having Diana in the seat of power with the ability to enact real chance could truly give our country the unity it needs.

Regardless of what you think about the election this year, there are so many more deserving characters in the comic books that we can all agree would make for better Presidents than what we are forced to choose between.

November is quickly approaching, which comic character gets your vote for the election?


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