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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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So, you guys saw Thor: The Dark World, right? In that case, you may want to relive some of the all-out, awesome, spectacular moments yielded by this Marvel masterpiece.

Also, SPOILERS! This is about re-living the glory of Thor 2, so you don't want to wander into this if you haven't seen the movie.

Here's 10 HELL YEAH moments from Thor: The Dark World, in no particular order, because they're all so freaking good.

1) Loki on the throne

The excellent, albeit expected ending, showing that our beloved Loki () will live to fight another sequel. It was also nice that his trickery was framed in a touching moment with his brother.

2) Volstagg is a one-man army

You wouldn't want to mess with Volstagg. You could take your ass to any damn bar in the Nine Realms and no-one would mess with you if you were drinking with Volstagg. His role in Thor's escape from Asgard was legendary.

3) Thor bashes Malekith in the face

Those Dark Elves, they think they're the bomb. Just because they want to destroy the entire universe on a whim. Well, how do you like a Mjolnir to the face, Malekith? The blackened scar on his perfectly white head: very satisfying.

4) Captain America Cameo

OK, so it's just Loki showing off his skills of transfiguration, but it was very cool to see another Marvel superstar popping up in Thor: The Dark World. Cap strutting through the halls of Asgard was really something.

5) Thor's Mom kicks ass

A real high point for me was Frigga () proving her mettle as the warrior queen of Asgard, protecting Jane and sticking it to Kurse, giving that big lunkhead a run for his money with both magic and hard steel.

6) 'Nothing personal, chaps'

Well, what did you expect from a guy named Fandral the Dashing? Oozing in every swish of his cape, Fandral's part in Thor's dramatic escape was a moment that got the cinema audience whooping.

7) First look at Guardians of the Galaxy

The standard awesome post-credits sequence reveals as The Collector, hinting at his character/storyline for GOTG, as he gathers the first of the Infinity Stones.

8) The fight on Vanaheim

Hogun's () realm is in uproar, and Thor () and his buddies come in all hammers blazing to help him out. Seeing the Warriors Three and the Asgardian forces kick ass was a great sight.

9) Loki drops the illusion

This moment was less about 'WHOAH' and more about '....ohh,' bringing some much-needed emotional depth to the giggling, snide Loki that entered the prison, and the more complex man who emerges.

10) Loki chops off Thor's hand

This actually happens in the comic books, yet still managed to be a pretty intense surprise. The fact that it kind of didn't really happen and was all a Loki trick didn't dull the hammer blow of the moment.


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