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So, it's almost Halloween night, and you might be feeling a little stuck. Going as Zombieboy or sexy cat feels just a touch passé. But you're in luck, because Hollywood has provided all the inspiration you need to dress up, impress your mates and make Halloween 2016 a freaky frightnight to remember. Check out ten costumes taken straight from the screen guaranteed to help you win Halloween.

10. Luke Cage

Luke Cage continued Netflix's superhero winning streak when it dropped earlier this month, but it was slightly disappointing that Luke didn't really have an iconic costume. In one brief but entertaining scene in Episode 4, though, he does try on a yellow shirt which homages his famous '70s look in the comics — and if you have serious swag, like this NYCC cosplayer... could probably pull it off. Just about. Scary it ain't, but you'll be a hit with the ladies.

9. Finding Will

Screw Finding Dory — unless you want to spend this Halloween swimming in a fish tank (which, let's face it, is entirely within the realm of possibility once you're five JD-&-Cokes deep), you'll have much more fun finding Will. I'm talking about Winona Ryder's hysterical Stranger Things character Joyce, of course, and her insane alphabet wall of undead communication.

This cosplayer did Joyce epic justice at NYCC, and all you really need are some grungy charity shop clothes, an old phone and a huge piece of cardboard. Dialling 0-800-CRAZYMOM.

8. Mega Manga

If you're into brutal Japanese manga and your make-up game is strong, why not follow in the footsteps of the Japanese cosplayer Ikura, whose devotion to the uber-freaky manga The Enigma of Amigara Fault is real to say the least...

(via Ikura on Twitter / Dorkly)
(via Ikura on Twitter / Dorkly)

Be warned, though: If you go out looking like this on Halloween night, your chances of scoring a hook-up are minimal. You will win Halloween, though, so swings and roundabouts. See more on Ikura's Twitter.

7. Mystique

There's no point half-assing your Halloween costume. If you're going to make a bold statement, you gotta put in work, Bad Gal RiRi-style. Mystique is always a popular choice for superhero fans, but few if any have ever done the blue-skinned chameleon quite as much justice as cosplayer Rebecca Lindsay...

If you're going to become Raven this Halloween, you probably don't need to go to quite that much effort. A blue body suit tailored with scales and a red wig will do just fine. Any effort you do make will automatically be more than Jennifer Lawrence made in X-Men: Apocalypse, so it's a win.

6. Supergirl

Not every costume needs to be as elaborate as Mystique. For a classic comic book heroine like Supergirl, keeping it simple can pay off in a major way. Check out Ejen Chuang's eye-catching take on Kara Zor-El:


5. Snape

Alan Rickman's death at the beginning of 2016 shocked millions of Harry Potter fans who had probably just assumed Snape would live forever. Even though, y'know, he dead.


Dressing up as Harry's Potions master this Halloween like the talented Thom Heap is a great way to pay tribute to the late, great English actor who embodied Snape for ten years — and it's super simple.


All you need is a black cloak, wash-out black hair dye, a wand and a really evil scowl (and possibly a huge fake nose). This one can be totally genderbent, too. Take a wind machine with you for maximum effect.

4. Trump

It almost feels too obvious, but the man who will never be President of the United States (hopefully) is ripe for the picking this Halloween. Back-comb a strawberry blond hair piece, tangerine-ify your face, plump up the duck lips and you're good to go. Or you could just do a Jemima Khan.

No p**** grabs though, y'all. Halloween is not consent.

3. Glenn

Is it too soon? Glenn got Negan'd literally three days ago on The Walking Dead, but what better way to celebrate his life and/or demise than by doing a self-Lucille?

Grab an inflatable baseball bat, your least favorite blue shirt and fashion some barbed wire out of aluminium, and you're basically there. Spoiler warning optional.

2. Hold The Door!

Game of Thrones delivered some legit horror this year when Hodor held the door and sacrificed his life for Bran (seriously, we hate you Bran). This NYCC cosplayer went to major lengths to recreate that heartbreaking scene... if you feel like spending Halloween night with a door on your back, the sheer effort will definitely pay off. For the skeleton arms, head into the city and rob a museum.

1. Eleven

In a year in which it finally became cool to cosplay, not even a million Harley Quinns can top the undeniable weird appeal of Stranger Things' breakout star, Eleven.

Whether you want to go the shaved head route or throw on a deliciously ill-fitting blonde wig, it's basically impossible to fuck this one up. Because the truth is... cannot fail to look simultaneously fly as hell and intensely disturbing when dressed as Eleven.


Which costume would you choose for maximum fright factor this Halloween?


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