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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

The cast of Finding Nemo reads like America's Next Top Piscine Model. Yellow tangs, ochre starfish, royal grammas...these are the supermodel babes of the ocean!

It's time the body fascism of Pixar was put to an end by including these ugly-yet-lovable marine creatures.

1) Ciara the Blobfish

I don't think you're ready for this jelly! Ciara brings the attitude, and isn't afraid to be a plus-size gelatinous mass loving the single life.

2) Fluffy the Horseshoe Crab

Fluffy is a valuable asset to any piscine posse, and there's a loving heart beneath that tough shell. He can be crabby but he's pretty easy to get on his back...

3) Hermione the Hagfish

Predators are often lost for words when they meet Hermione, as this sassy Hagfish is able to fire revolting slime into the mouth of any attackers. She is a demure, slender vixen with an edge of mystery.

4) Ingeborg the Scotoplane

She may look like a sprouting, translucent potato, but Ingeborg is a rapid-fire rapper, her rapier wit the scourge of the seabed.

5) Kylie the Angler Fish

Kylie is a shopaholic, partly because her deadly spines have a tendency to shred any garments she tugs onto her scaly body. There's nothing she loves better than a trip to SAKS, Fish Avenue for some retail therapy.

6) Trixie the Bioluminescent Shrimp

Shrimps just want to have fun, and Trixie likes to shine like the glitterball she is. She's the ultimate BFF if you need a night on the reef to remind you there's plenty more fish in the sea.

7) Benedict the Handfish

The life and sole of the party, Benedict highly adept shaking a tail feather on the dance floor...I warn you though, a couple of beers and he gets a bit handsy.

8) Marie-France the Spider crab

For those of the crustacean persuasion, Marie-France is an exotic babe. Those long spindly legs literally have to fight the guys off as their passion for her pincers drives them wild.

9) Nigel the Prince Axel Wonderfish

Nigel is...oh well, he tries.

10) Peggy-Sue the Colossal Squid

Abyssal Gigantism is the new black. Peggy-Sue is 40 feet long and can take on eight sharks at once. Oh, right, she's not pretty? And I bet you'd look so great under thousands of tons of oceanic pressure.

Say it with Spongebob, all of thee who are unpopular underwater!



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