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Dania Lerman

Yesterday was Nina's birthday, but there's no way I want to celebrate until she and Ian are back together. I'm glad they have enough chemistry to joke about their breakup...

...but I won't be happy until they're back to the best OFF screen couple, too! Here's why:

1) They still love each other and let everyone know:

2) They claim to be "friends" but look like this:

3) This is how they spent her birthday:

4) The way she looks at him:

5) And the way he looks at her:

6) They manage to SMILE and KISS at the same time:

7) They make each other laugh:

8) She holds his hand while his arm's around her:

9) Their chemistry is completely out of control and everyone knows it.

10) This is what will happen if they don't get back together:

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