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Anna Jefferies

basically just walks around making women blush with excitement and men blush with a deep feeling of insecurity. Here's 10 reasons why.

10. Even when talking to him on the phone, you know he's being sexy on the other end.

9. He's so adorable no one even cares when he abducts random cats.

8. Or humans for that matter.

7. You can even forgive him for liking soccer and Sum 41.

6. He holds the land speed record for getting undressed.

5. He can dance like a moron and everyone thinks it looks awesome.

4. This dog is actually a rabid man-eater, but even it is enamored by Channing's mystic ways.

3. You're too busy watching his abs you don't even notice the stupid hats he wears.

2. He can do this.

1. Yeah, I know you're not even reading these captions anymore.


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