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Let me start with an admission. I don't like comic books. I'm not saying they're bad or evil or inferior to anything, they're just not for me. I know people like them (correction: REALLY like them), but I just can't get into any of the characters or stories. The more I read, the more I get confused. What's the Civil War? What's the Infinity Formula? Who exactly is Nightwing, is he just like Batman or something?

I think that's why I like Deadpool. He just seems rather unique in the Marvel universe in that he doesn't really give a crap about all that stuff. From what I can tell, he just has a psychotic desire for violence mixed with a bizarre sense of humor and a hilarious self-awareness.

To celebrate my new found discovery of Deadpool, I have trawled the internet for some of his funniest, fourth-wall breakiest and pop-culture referenciest panels. Here are 10 reasons I can actually get into Deadpool.

#10. Deadpool is actually pretty smart

I've always had an issue with Thor, I mean he IS a God, right? Like a real living, breathing deity? Because of this I've always wondered why anyone bothers to fight him, and why no one is rendered dumbstruck by being in his mere presence. At least Deadpool understands the significance of meeting a God, and the futility of fighting one.

P.S. This is Bootsy Collins:

Damn, that is funky.

#9. Deadpool doesn't have time for Draculas

This modern obsession with sharply dressed vampires also has me perplexed, so it was great to see Deadpool dispatching a bunch of self-important blood-suckers before they can bore us with some kind of Twilight bullcrap. Nice one Deadpool.

#8. He's seen his own movie

Well, at least he suggests he has. played Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins. I haven't seen it, but whenever I mention Deadpool and that movie to comic book fans they seem to break down sobbing. Why is that?

#7. He's an old romantic

Even when throwing himself off a bridge, Deadpool's bizarre mind wanders to thoughts of his own imagined heart-break induced suicide. That's just messed up, but in a good way. I also like this panel as it kind of suggests there's more sensitivity to this murderous maniac than meets the eyes. Plus anyone who likes The Smiths is alright in my book.

#6. He has no time for romance

OK, screw what I just said, Deadpool hasn't got time to make out, there's violence to be done! Now, I in no way condone punching women in the face, but if you are going to do it, make sure you do it as awesomely as this.

#5. He's not a self-important do-gooder

Another problem I've had with superheros (apart from their goofy costumes) is their constant desire to help people. Urrgh. It get's a bit annoying after a while. Deadpool doesn't have that problem.

#4. Deadpool doesn't like Tom Cruise

As we all know, Deadpool has a hideously disfigured face (see #8), but in one comic he is outraged and disgusted to discover Loki has cursed him to look like . He spends the rest of the comic trying to disfigure his face to no avail. Pretty harrowing, but also pretty funny.

#3. Deadpool has a perverse desire for violence

Number two in our series of 'Deadpool lamping defenseless women' shows him uppercutting Kitty Pryde in an attempt to goad Wolverine into stabbing him. It's a plan which worked brilliantly.

#2. Deadpool knows he's in a comic

Breaking down the fourth wall is one of my favorite narrative techniques, so it's only natural I fell in love with Deadpool. Here he is literally ripping through the pages of a comic in order warn his past self.

#1. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall so much, it actually gets kind of creepy...

There is breaking the fourth wall, and then there is absolutely bulldozing the fourth wall into dust and blasting it into the sun. That's what Deadpool does here. In a simple panel Deadpool suddenly makes a mockery of the entire concept of fiction by reminding us none of it actually exists and you're just sitting there reading a comic. This combined with a weird stare actually gave me chills.

So, there you have it. Those are my 10 reasons for why Deadpool is the best comic character out there. Unfortunately, it seems the possible Deadpool movie is still in the starting blocks, but with a character this awesome, it just has to happen eventually, right? Do you agree Deadpool is the greatest, or do you have a different favorite character? Let me know below.


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