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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

These are the rules. Follow them to the letter, and other dating delights will follow your movie...

1) Nothing too highbrow.

Let's save debating the merits of the cinematography of 's latter period for another time, shall we?

2) No gruelling feats of endurance.

Friday the 13th marathon? Great! Oh wait, there's ten of them. My date's asleep. FML.

3) No subtitles.

What's the good of being in the dark with your crush object if you can't take your eyes off the screen for a single moment?

4) Nothing completely vile and depraved.

You ain't getting jiggy after watching The Human Centipede. Fact.

5) Plenty of jumpy moments are a must.

You want an excuse to leap into your date's arms, right? Even better, if he jumps out of his skin, you get to tease him and he'll be all cute and bashful.

6) A bit of eye candy never goes amiss...

Get fired up by your respective screen crushes, then turn that pent-up lust on each other. Perfect.

7) ...but too much sex can be kind of embarrassing with a new date.

A flash or two of boob is fine. Full-on erotic or gross-out humping can be a little offputting.

8) Pick something you can agree on.

He might want to watch 'Killer Zombie Hookers take Boobland,' but you have to put your foot down sometimes. Compromise, right?

9) Pick something you'll enjoy...

If the date's a bust, at least you'll like the movie.

10) ...but nothing too deeply moving.

If the date's a success, you don't wanna miss something epic.



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