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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! As an actress, celebrity and hairspiration to millions, let's take a second to appreciate just how much you wanted that incredible Rachel hair...

1. The Below-the-Chin Bob

Honey, if he don't want you and your impossible lack of split ends, he ain't worth it.

2. The Self-Pitying Tendrils

Being alone means less hair admiration.

3. The Long, Luscious Locks of a Golden Retriever

No, Rachel. You hair is so pretty I wanna cry. Then copy it.

4. The Smug Up-Do

That lipstick, too! You minx!

5. The Eerily Straightened Rachel

How? How in the name of all that is stylish does one achieve such greatness?

6. The Braid

Because you were young and foolish, a braid seemed like genius. Been there.

7. The Loose Bunches

Really, no-one over 12 should wear bunches. Except Rachel Green!

8. The Shiny Perfection

Such shiny! So shine! Wau!

9. The 90's Hair to End All 90's Hair

Those thin front highlights even POP in black and white!

10. The Hair That A Part Of You Will Always Want

I can restyle, but never forget.

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